On Behalf of Our Board of

Directors and Advisors


My name is Timothy and I am the Founder and 

Executive Director of Transformations.

I lived in Lakewood, California, for most of my youth; attended military school through sixth grade; loved and participated in all sports and journalism through high school; and graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Long Beach in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Following graduation, I practiced as a Certified Public Accountant with a multinational accounting firm, in industry and in my own practice until the early 1980’s.

At that time, a series of personal crisis triggered a deep longing within me to know God and the purpose of life. This longing sparked a chain reaction of transformation that has touched every aspect of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

“Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind, 

and can be eradicated only by spiritual and mental effort. 

Disease, if rightly interpreted will guide us to our 

essential  faults for it has as its objective 

the balancing of the personality with 

the Divine Will of the Soul.” 

~ Dr. Edward Bach, M.D. ~

Through years of self effort and God’s Amazing Grace in the form of T’ai Chi, Yoga, Qigong, Quantum Energetics, Reiki, Meditation, Nutrition, Loving Teachers, Fabulous Friends and Supportive Family, I now experience life as a constant stream of unfolding bliss and miracles. 

My mind has become focused, patient and serene; my body strong and flexible; and my heart grateful and compassionate. 

I am over 65 years of age, pain and medication free.  My weight is 135 pounds (I once weighed in excess of 200 pounds); blood pressure is 100/65 (once 120/90); normal pulse rate is 55 (once over 85); and my waist is 32 inches (once over 36).

I literally feel the energy of life pulsating throughout my body.

I experience laughter and bliss, sparked spontaneously within myself—no outer “fuel” is required.

I hear the sound of silence from which all sounds emerge.

Beautiful blue pearls constantly dance before my amazed eyes amidst flashing bolts of lightning.

I see beautiful crystal white light sustaining everyone and everything.

Life has become a rainbow of miracles.

Fear, addictions, pain, anger, depression and greed have left my mind, heart and body.

These experiences are your birthright too! 

Every moment of your life!  You are Love!  Beautiful!  Abundant!  Limitless! 

It is my moment-to-moment experience that God dwells within your very own being as an incredible, indescribable, ever-changing, ever-new physical experience! 

It is my experience that God is not any particular religion or spiritual path but can definitely be found through many of them.

Did you know that your heart is really a flame of love burning to go home to God, burning to reveal to you who you really are at the core of your being?

Did you know that your mind is a cathedral of crystalline clarity bursting with rays of creativity?

Did you know that your belly is nothing but a barrel of bliss brimming over with laughter?

Did you know that your soul is a sea of serenity shimmering with sunlit waves of strength, courage, purity, endurance and enthusiasm?

These are truths you may have forgotten. Once you remember them though or even have just the slightest interest in finding out whether or not they really are true, your real life begins.

“Discovery is the power of opening yourself up to 

all the Universe has to offer.”

~ Thomas Crum ~

Discovering the amazing truth of who you really are on all levels of your being—body, mind, heart and soul—is the greatest adventure there is. 

It’s an incredible inner journey unique to every individual. It’s a journey that must be taken if you are to be really successful in life. It’s a journey full of love and surprises! 

It’s a journey which will give you full control over your mind and body.  Imagine THAT!

I am an Author; Certified Medical Intuitive; T’ai Chi/ Qigong, Quantum Energy, Reiki, and Meditation Master; Certified Children's Self Esteem Coach; Yoga Instructor; Indian Head and Foot Massage Practitioner; and an Ordained Healing and Science of Mind Minister.

My dharma or service in life is to help people banish fear and deprivation from every aspect of their lives. I empower people to take control of their lives and to achieve their maximum personal and professional potential.

“You cannot teach people anything. You can only help 

them discover it within themselves.” 

~ Galileo ~

As a Holistic Medicine Man, I have held people at birth and death and coached people of all ages, from newborns to those in their 90’s, through a variety of life challenges, including AIDS; addictions; back pain; cancer; death; genetic abnormalities; financial difficulties; sports injuries; depression; divorce; chronic asthma; arthritis; sleep disorders; sexual, mental and physical abuse; chronic fatigue syndrome; emotional conflicts; migraine headaches; concussions; multiple sclerosis; multiple personalities; comatose situations; and more to discover and use the incredible healing, harmonizing powers they have within themselves.

For nine years I developed educational programs for children that were funded by County and State grants. I have authored over 50 children’s books on values and self-esteem, including a set of “Color Me Tobacco Free” storybooks published by the State of California.

I write to inspire everyone to achieve their full mental, physical, emotional and heart-filled potential. 

The inspiration and ideas for Bliss Beary Bear and Fairy Tales of the Heart available in our Store have arisen from my daughter, Melanie; friends, family, teachers and other loved ones; nature; meditation and prayer; my experiences of the wonders and magic of life; and that "inner spark" we all have!

I have worked with and developed volunteer boards and coalitions throughout my career, including The Orange County Youth at Risk Network, The Orange County Performing Arts Center, The Lincoln Hospital Association, The West County Counseling Center and a local Tobacco Use Prevention Program Coalition.

As the former founder and Director of the Mortgage Banking Audit Institute, I provided seminars, wrote manuals, and provided other technical assistance to over 150 banks, savings and loans, mortgage bankers, accountants and government agencies.

I have conducted and organized training programs on a national and state level and designed and taught comprehensive health education and human development classes to thousands of people, empowering them to change their lives and their communities.

It is not refraining from action that we experience peace and 

power, serenity and success, but by maintaining 

a firm, unchanging Center in the midst 

of all challenges and activity.

If you are serious about discovering your true capabilities, regardless of your age or current life circumstances, I would love to assist you either directly or indirectly.

Enjoy browsing through our website. There is a lot of wonderful information and the services and products we offer are life-transforming and time-tested.

Most of all, remember the advice of that great sage, 

Dennis the Menace:

“The best thing you can do is to get very good at being you!”