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A Fairy Tale Of The Heart™ E-Book

That Helps Develop Your Children's Brilliance!


The very gifted and creative genius Albert Einstein said,

 “If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them Fairy Tales.
If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more Fairy Tales.”


Our original Fairy Tales of the Heart stimulate your child’s creative abilities in
the most powerful way storybooks can!


They allow your child to “fully exercise” their infinite imagination and brilliant mind by
creating their own picture of what’s happening on a page.


Please visit our BLOG to discover the infinite ways Fairy Tales of the Heart
nurture your Children's Brilliance and can
contribute to their Success in Life!





This Fairy Tale Is Included In 
Bliss Beary Bear's Fairy Tales of The Heart-Volume 1 



"Bliss Beary Bear™" Synopsis


Traveling at a speed faster than a flash of lightning in
a Blue Pearl Star Ship™, Bliss Beary Bear comes to
Earth as children from countries around the
world seek help in understanding the
bitterness they see in their homes
and the world about.


Sharings about






and personal power

are woven within this Tale that introduces Bliss Beary Bear,
The Blue Pearl Star Ship, The Great Bear™,
and Bliss Beary Bear’s Magical Heart™.



"Bliss Beary Bear" Excerpt


When midnight came, the sky was ablaze with stars.


Starshine was streaming everywhere.


Every star sparkled brilliantly through the moonless night,
like a newly polished diamond set on a
background of black velvet.


The timing was perfect for wishing on a star.


The children formed a circle with their foreheads touching in the center.


No bickering, no challenges—they had a purpose.


As they put their arms around one another’s backs, Geraldine
released their wish to the heavens.


“Starlight, starbright, first star we see tonight, wish we may,
wish we might, have the wish we wish tonight.

We wish to discover a new land—






™Bliss Beary Bear, Blue Pearl Star Ship, Fairy Tales of the Heart, Magical Heart, and
The Great Bear are Trademarks of Transformations and Timothy Stuetz.
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