Bliss Beary Bear's Fairy Tales of the Heart-Volume 1

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For Children of All Ages

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Delightful, Colorful & Inspirational Illustrations

130+ Pages



“If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales.

If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales.”
—Albert Einstein


. . . FAIRY TALES . . .

Albert Einstein's SECRET for Fostering

(Starting In The Womb)!



“Fairy Tales Of The Heart”™ Skillfully Weave Fantasy, Reality, Myth And 
Mystery Into An Educational, Entertaining, Inspirational, 
Heart Warming Experience For Children Of All Ages.


“Fairy Tales Of The Heart” Are Far More Than Exciting, Wonderful 
 Bedtime Stories, After School Reading or Home School Reading.



Every One Of These More Than 50 Modern-Day
“Fairy Tales for Children” Is
Purposely Designed To:

 Inspire Your Children’s Souls 
♥ Expand Your Children’s Minds ♥
 Warm Your Children’s Hearts ♥
 Fortify Your Children’s Bodies ♥
 Strengthen Your Children’s Characters 
 Bring Out the “BRILLIANCE” of Your Children and YOU ♥



Featuring Bliss Beary Bear, “Fairy Tales Of The Heart” Help Children 
 Explore Values, Resolve Conflicts, Enhance Their Creativity, 
 Understand the Fast-Paced World They Live In
and Much More!




Featuring Other Inspirational Heroes and Heroines Like Beeleev’n Bear™,
Donut Soul™ and Poet Bear,™ These Delightful Tales Also Help
Your Child Develop Core Values, Conquer Challenges,

Discover Their Uniqueness and Understand Their
Rapidly Changing Life and Body.




Interacting With and Imagining Themselves As These Delightful Characters
Naturally Enhances Their Brain Development, Creativity,
Social Skills and Self-Esteem.




Every Facet of These Tales—The Words, Their Tone, Sentence Structures,
Illustrations, Review Questions, and "Absence of Violence"—Is
Designed to Expand Your Child’s Infinite Imagination,
Brilliant Mind and Full Potential.




Reading and Interacting with Them at Home or School Provides Your Child
The Building Blocks to a Joyful Life and Successful Future. 




“These Fairy Tales are Heart-Felt Stories that Reconnect Adults and Children
To The Magic and Wonder of Life.”

—Dr. Dorothy Sprecher, MD




This Beautifully Color-Illustrated Book
Includes 14 Fairy Tales

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Traveling at a speed faster than a flash of lightning in a Blue Pearl Star Ship™,
Bliss Beary Bear™ comes to Earth as children from countries around
the world seek help in understanding the bitterness
they see in their homes and the world about.


Sharings about






and personal power

are woven within this Tale that introduces Bliss Beary Bear,
The Blue Pearl Star Ship, The Great Bear™,
and Bliss Beary Bear’s Magical Heart™.








In “The Very First Candy Cane” . . .

We see how Santa’s wish to create something that
will bring love to even those who don’t believe
in Santa Claus gets fulfilled
and teaches us about





not giving up

developing an idea into a product, and
finding the joy in playing and loving what we choose to do. 








In "Miracles Are Everywhere" . . .

A new BB gun is the source of joy and sorrow as a little boy
takes the life of a tiny hummingbird.  


A hummingbird that turns around to show the boy the value of life
and the many treasures and lessons that are hidden
in things children use and see everyday.


There truly is more to everything!






(Also Available as a Fully Illustrated Storybook
and Audio Book with Bee Bee Jubilee Songs)




"The Ballad of The Bees" rhymes fun and little known facts about bees with
the underlying theme of love, harmony and unity to help children of all ages
build a an appreciation, understanding and awareness of bees and their
vital role in providing us with fruits, nuts and veggies.


It shows how all life, from bees to flowers to people, is precious, conmected
and interrelated.  That we are here to love and help one another!



As Dr. Pravin Patel said . . .

"Honestly, it's not just a poem but kind of great inspiration
for all human beings."



There are no other books like The Ballad of The Bees . . . it is unique in how it weaves
information about bees
 with ways for children and their families
to live happy, healthy, successful lives.



It IS Joyfully Inspiring!



World-renowned author and educator Dr. Steven D. Farmer tells us . . .

“Children can easily relate to stories that communicate important ideas about
respect for the Earth and other living beings when told through
the viewpoint of animals.

Animals demonstrate a truthful simplicity that we
sometimes forget as we grow older and our world
becomes more complicated.”








In “The ABC’s Of Blissful Living” . . .

newly formed sunbeams emerge from the Heart of the glorious Sun
bursting with energy and ready to discover their unique mission.


Lessons Explored By the Sunbeams Include:

Free Will

Staying Focused

Paying Attention

Staying Energized

Nourishing and Loving Others and
Choosing to Embody and Embrace Specific Qualities
or “GIFTS” That Will Enrich Life.



"The ABC’s of BLISSFUL LIVING" is One of the Twelve Fairy Tales
Included In

The Magical Miracle Of You™ Self Empowerment Program!









In “Love One Another” . . .


a magical eclipse provides a blank canvas on which
Bliss Beary Bear inscribes a letter of
Star Shine to the people on Earth.


The letter urges them to take the time to experience the
wonder and variety of love and beauty that
exists in their every day lives
and throughout Creation.









In this lighthearted Tale, Bliss Beary Bear puts out an Inter
 Galactic want ad for Power Animals to come and
share their secret powers with Earth’s children
to help them develop into healthy,
happy, prosperous adults.


It teaches children how to become their very own Power Animal,
a master of whatever they love—









or anything else.


It teaches them how to focus when taking a test, relax when
facing a challenge, and stay positive when
things don’t go as expected.


It shows them how to be as healthy and playful as a strong, alert,
and powerful animal living in its natural environment.








An inspirational Tale where Poet BearTM introduces BEELEEV’N BEARTM,
who en“courage”s children to see what’s important in their
lives, honor the gifts they have to share, and
shares ways to be happy all the time.



"BEELEEV'N BEAR" is One of the Twelve Fairy Tales
Included In

The Magical Miracle Of You™ Self Empowerment Program!








"A Mommy’s Love"

gives children and their families very
practical strategies for staying “stranger safe,”
along with an introduction as to how various
“mommy animals” teach their
babies about safety.





Bliss Beary Bear's BIRTHDAY SURPRISE Just For You!




"Bliss Beary Bear’s
Just For You . . . "

is a very visually beautiful Tale showing children of all ages
how to really celebrate their birth, honor their
unique gifts, and use their imagination
to create a wondrous life.









Donut Soul is a humorous and powerful poetic Tale that uses a
donut hole to explore the wonders of our Soul, the visible
parts of us versus the invisible ones.
It’s short but, oh so sweet!


"Donut Soul" is One of the Twelve Fairy Tales
Included In

The Magical Miracle Of You™ Self Empowerment Program!









As Bliss Beary Bear creatively shows how all animals,
trees, etc. have been created perfectly for
what they do, children learn that
they too are perfect,
just as they are,
unique strengths
they can develop to
create a harmonious world.









This Poetic Tale Introduces
Poet Bear!

We humorously learn the value of storytelling, the many
kinds of poems, and how too much of a
good thing can be harmful.









"I’ll Huff, I’ll Puff, I’ll Gasp,
I’ll Choke and I’ll . . . "

is a modern day version of Three Little Pigs and One Big
Fat Wolf that looks at what overeating and the
 choices we make in eating can do to our
physical and mental well being.  

In this wonderful, delightful Tale, some of children’s favorite
Fairy Tale characters teach them about inappropriate
as well as appropriate behaviors. 




"I’ll Huff, I’ll Puff, I’ll Gasp, I’ll Choke and I’ll . . . "
Is One of the Twelve Fairy Tales
Included In

The Magical Miracle Of You™ Self Empowerment Program!






L.R., ELA Coach/Trainer, Cherry Creek Schools,
Student Achievement Services


“This is a letter of celebration on
behalf of Timothy Stuetz.

It is my pleasure to recommend Timothy’s 
highly creative children’s books.

They are cleverly crafted to entertain 
as well as educate.

Four years ago a group of my 4th and 5th grade English 
Language Learners read and discussed 
Timothy’s fine books.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the imaginative stories, 
witty dialogue and lively illustrations.

I shared the books with a colleague who was 
likewise impressed by Timothy’s creative 
presentations of meaningful topics.

It is my hope as a former teacher and currently an
English Language Acquisition Coach/Trainer 
of teachers, that Timothy Stuetz’s 
books will be widely circulated 
and enjoyed by students
throughout the country.”




Dr. Dorothy S., M.D.


Fairy Tales of the Heart is . . . a series of 
heart felt stories that reconnect 
adults and children to the 
magic and wonder 
of life.

These are modern day stories that reconnect 
adults to their inner child and stimulate 
creative imagination in children.

The potential application of these stories in 
parent/child relationship as well as in  
adult inner child work 
is unlimited.

As a holistic physician who sees so much of the pain
of our forgotten selves, I highly recommend
this series as a first step in reconnecting
to the magic, wonder, and 
deep meaning in your 
own unique life!”




 G. B., Former Elementary School Principal,
National PTA Outstanding Educator of the Year


“To all parents: 

Bliss Beary Bear comes to you in truth and love—
the pen of your very own hearts.

Our children are special gifts—innocent gifts. 

The gifts of our future.

They absorb everything they see and hear.

Just as a sponge releases the same water 
it soaks up, your actions and words 
will one day be released 
by your children.

Bliss Beary Bear’s Tales of the Heart 
are droplets of love.

Shower your children with them.

The love and practical lessons weaved throughout 
the Tales will be absorbed and ultimately 
released as smiles, laughter, caring, 
and a tremendous sense  
of self-worth.

Dive in yourself!

Let the child within you enjoy the cosmic fantasy 
with which values are shared.

Delight as Bliss Beary Bear explores and resolves 
the practical situations we’ve all faced 
in one form or another.

And remember, the fantasy and science fiction 
of one decade is the reality of the next.

For the children—”




 Beekeeper Bill


“Timothy, excellent job with your new book!!! 

Love the new book ‘Ballad of the Bees’. 

Having been a beekeeper all of my adult life (33 years) it is great 
to find a book that is fun and accurate at the same time. 

The author tells the story of how valuable and important the whole bee family 
is not only for the wonderful products they give us but also 
as pollinators for so many fruits and vegetables that 
we enjoy and often take for granted. 

This is a book that will help kids build an appreciation, understanding
and awareness for an extremely vital part of nature.”




J. J. S., Attorney at Law


“There is a bear most everywhere—
real or make believe.

In the wild—
as wild as can be.

In zoos—
where they probably don’t want to be.

They are in movies, stories, commercials, 
books, and cartoons.

But whether real or fiction, they all have 
adventurous stories to tell for 
listener and reader alike.

These may be stories of happiness, sadness, or 
both but, whatever you read or hear, 
will make you a part of the 
adventures near and far 
of bears everywhere.

Some of their deeds are magical, others 
may be mystical, and still others 
outright whimsical.

Whether real or make believe, in your mind or 
in your heart, there exists for everyone 
an everywhere bear that 
shares stories of 
love and care.

For me it is Bliss Beary Bear and 
it may be for you too.

But the name is not as important as the 
stories shared and, any name you 
might call this bear of 
everywhere, will be 
as special as you!

So here to share are Bliss Beary Bear’s 
Tales of love and care.”




G. B., Middle School Teacher


“Great job!!!

Love the Fairy Tales,

Love that you created this for children 
and parents to enjoy,

Love you!”




M. S., Children’s Teacher, Ventriloquist

“Dearest Timothy and Vrindiji 
and children of all ages,

Yes Yes……

As a ventriloquist, teacher, producer, poet and 
spirit who has learned my lessons from 
the wee ones, I support your 
work and philosophy 
to the fullest.

These words hold clear truth about the importance 
of the tales and pictures to stimulate the 
hearts and minds of our future 
 leaders of our globe.

We remember, we feel and we see the
illumination of their spirits with 
the written word and 
spoken words from
our loving lips.

Thanks and gratitude, dear hearts.”





P. H., Mom


“Thanks for your comments on starting 
a family reading program — 
how very true.

Lovely work.”




™Bliss Beary Bear, Blue Pearl Star Ship, Fairy Tales of the Heart, Magical Heart, 
Donut Soul, Beeleev'n Bear, Poet Bear, Magical Miracle of You and
The Great Bear are Trademarks of Transformations and
Timothy Stuetz.  All Rights Reserved.