Earth Mother of Love and Harmony Pendant

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Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made

Approximately 3.3" tall by 2.1" wide (8.4 by 5.4 cm) 

Normally $444 



"Earth Mother of Love and Harmony" is a radiant Handmade Sterling Silver Quan Yin Pendant.  Quan Yin is the ancient name of the Moon Goddess of China.  She is said to have been born from a tear of the Buddha’s Eye!  She is the ‘Patron’ of Warriors, Children and Women.  As the Moon Goddess, she represents Femininity, Patience and Peace.  She holds a long horse hair whisk in one hand . . . to flick you with . . . to wake you up to your illusions!





The Image of the Goddess has been carved in Gold Stone… a powerful product of Modern Alchemy activating the energy of Originality and Leadership…

The Great Mother is seated, surrounded by Silver Lotus Petals, while below her is a toffee colored Amber Gemstone Heart, bringing the energy of Loving Harmony & Intellectual Balance.

The sweet silver ‘Wings of Freedom’, spread wide from the Goddess  . . . awake, ready to fly… this handmade sterling silver gemstone pendant is created in Sacred Space and dedicated to the support and healing of the ‘Light Workers’ of the world!


Welcome to the party!

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:

Quan Yin: Moon Goddess, Femininity, Peace
Sun Stone: Originality & Leadership
Amber: Harmony & Balance
Wings: Freedom
Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant


Further blessed and empowered in Sacred Ceremony in Sedona, Arizona.  Shankari Pendants not only beautify and bless the wearer, they impart a blessed gift to each person who beholds their exquisite wonder.


In addition to feeling the inspiring beauty of this pendant or necklace, it offers the following benefits when wearing it:

  • Harnesses information that organizes the body’s energy functions.
  • Immediately increases strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Instantaneously enhances balance and coordination.
  • Helps protect against the effects of harmful toxins and Electromagnetic Field radiations.
  • Reduces stress, enhances concentration and increases awareness.
  • Provides such benefits all day, every day, wherever you go.




Disclaimer: Shankari pendants and necklaces are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. In no way do we purport to claim that they have the ability to produce any physiological enhancements regarding any individual's health beyond that which is stated in the manufacturer’s or producer’s support material and packaging. None of the Company's employees are qualified or authorized to advise the use of any of the pendants or necklaces to treat any general or specific ailment. In any such cases, where individuals are seeking a solution or cure for any health problems, they should consult their health care practitioner. These products are only recommended to assist in increasing the body's overall ability to help itself, to shield itself and to place it in an optimum state of fitness and well being.