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A Fairy Tale Of The Heart™ E-Book
That Helps Develop Your Children's Brilliance!


The very gifted and creative genius Albert Einstein said,

 “If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them Fairy Tales.
If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more Fairy Tales.”


Our original Fairy Tales of the Heart stimulate your child’s creative abilities in
the most powerful way storybooks can!


They allow your child to “fully exercise” their infinite imagination and brilliant mind by
creating their own picture of what’s happening on a page.


Please visit our BLOG to discover the infinite ways Fairy Tales of the Heart
nurture your Children's Brilliance and can
contribute to their Success in Life!





This Fairy Tale Is Included In 
Bliss Beary Bear's Fairy Tales of The Heart-Volume 1 



"I’ll Huff, I’ll Puff, I’ll Gasp, I'll Choke 
and I'll . . . " Synopsis*


This modern day version of Three Little Pigs and One Big
Fat Wolf looks at what overeating and the
 choices we make in eating can do to our
physical and mental well being.  


In this wonderful, delightful Tale, some of children’s favorite
Fairy Tale characters teach them about inappropriate
as well as appropriate behaviors. 




I’ll Huff, I’ll Puff . . . Excerpt


When he got back to his den, the wolf was quite hungry.


It had been a long day with much more activity than he was used to.


He started gobbling up some of the pig’s cookies, washing them down
with one soda pop after another.


It didn’t take him too many days to eat everything they had given him.


As time went by, the Big, Bad, Fat Wolf ate and drank more and more
junk and eventually forgot about the pigs.


In fact, the wolf kept forgetting more and more each day.


All the additives, with names he couldn’t even pronounce, clogged up
his once strong and healthy body and brain.




*I"ll Huff, I'll Puff, I'll Gasp, I'll Choke and I'll . . .

is 1 of the 12 Fairy Tales Of The Heart™included in 
The Magical Miracle Of You™–
A Self Empowerment Program
For Children & Families.


“The Magical Miracle of You” is Designed to Unlock the
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Art ♥
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