Silver "Nano Vibe" Quantum Energy Pendant

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Empower & Harmonize Every Aspect

of Your Beautiful Being


Truly the Best Investment for Your Health

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American Express has a saying . . .

"Don't leave home without it."


After over a decade of wearing this pendant, I can honestly say . . .

"Don't take it off (except in water)!"






The Nano Vibe Pendant was developed by one of the true geniuses of our time, Robert Anthony Aviles, the Jimmy Hendrix of the Electric Violin and the Albert Einstein of Quantum Energy Technologies.


Beautifully designed in solid silver, it features Tree of Life imagery and contains a gold Nano Vibe Cell on the inside. Nano Vibe Technology is a new advanced approach to wellness that offers direct and measurable improvements!


The “Nano Vibe Cell” utilizes Sonic Formulas that vibrate at the photonic level—the vibration of light. At this speed, it is able to carry specific information that interacts directly with your body's biofield to restore its balanced and harmonized state. In turn, your body begins to operate at its highest level of efficiency and well-being.


It also provides protection against many of the negative subtle energy influences that attack our bodies on a daily basis, such as cell phones, computers  and other electronic equipment. The continued use of the Energy Pendant allows the body and mind to experience heightened levels of awareness, concentration and energy.


The “Cell” doesn’t radiate energy or emit a field of energy. It simply and profoundly holds information that can be interpreted by the body.  It works at a quantum level— a photonic level—where light becomes the carrier and interpreter.


The “Cells” information is delivered to the body much like a DVD’s image when placed in a DVD player. You become the “DVD Player” for the “Cell”.


The Energy Pendant is not like most wearable energy devices that disorganize the body by manipulating and moving energy from one area of the body to another.


The around-the-clock benefits of wearing this comfortable and durable necklace 24/7 are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN as follows:

  • Harnesses information that organizes the body’s energy functions.
  • Immediately increases strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Instantaneously enhances balance and coordination.
  • Helps protect against the effects of harmful toxins and Electromagnetic Field radiations.
  • Reduces stress, enhances concentration and increases awareness.
  • Provides such benefits all day, every day, wherever you go.


“The results were immediate, indisputable, and dramatic . . .”  Harold Cober, Ph.D.; Certified Energy Medicine Analyst; Founder, Theodynamics Institute; Director, Institute of Technical Energy Medicine; Energy Field Imaging.


“ . . . it can no doubt give an extra edge where concentration is required.”  Debbie Crews, Ph.D., Department of Exercise Sciences and Physical Education,  Arizona State University, Brain Mapping Analysis.


“You have an excellent product . . .”  Robert Heron, D.C., Chiropractic Kinesiologist, CEO, Intuitive Health Center, Cardiovascular Analysis.


“This very positive and intriguing . . .”  Robert Settineri, M.S., Founder and President Sierra Productions, Blood Cell Analysis.


"Our son Jason had an uncontrollable twitch in one of his eyes. A neurologist and our regular doctor ran tests that indicated no conclusive reason for this twitching. Nothing really seemed to help the situation so we decided to try the Nano Vibe Energy Pendant and Energy Music. Within only two days the twitching had subsided and eventually it disappeared." Robert & Allina Ferraro, Las Vegas, NV.


"My wife has suffered from a debilitating malady for many years and was bed-ridden for about 80% of any given day. After a couple of hours of using the products, she got up and began washing the dishes. She remained up and about doing chores. The next morning she was up early busying herself around the house. I was a complete skeptic, but no more!" John Alkire, Chief Technology Officer, Lezur TV, Huntington Beach, CA.


“I felt filled with Joy and Love, from God, for God, for you, for everyone.” Roberta Lemon


"I underwent surgery to remove a tumor over my right shoulder blade. It left the muscles and tendons inches shorter. I could not lift my arm above my head, nor turn my head to the right and I suffered tremendous headaches. I now wear the Nano Vibe Energy Pendant and listen to the Energy Music every day and have more strength and range of motion and I’m able to turn my head again.” Joyce Spillane, Costa Mesa, CA.




Disclaimer:  The Nano Vibe Pendant is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. In no way do we purport to claim that it has the ability to produce any physiological enhancements regarding any individual's health beyond that which is stated in the manufacturer’s or producer’s support material and packaging.  None of Tranformations' employees are qualified or authorized to advise the use of any of this product to treat any general or specific ailment. In any such cases, where individuals are seeking a solution or cure for any health problems, they should consult their health care practitioner.  This amazing product is only recommended to assist in increasing the body's overall ability to help itself, to shield itself, and to place it in an optimum state of fitness and well being.