The Ballad of The Bees Audio Book with Bee Bee Jubilee Songs

$ 10.95



The Ballad of The Bees Audio Book


Bee Bee Jubilee Songs




Your Hearts WILL Smile and Dance to Shondra Jepperson’s

Bee-Lightful “Bee Voices”

and the

Magical, Melodic “Buzzing” of Michael Kollwitz’s

Rare and Unusual Chapman Stick




Suitable for All Ages, the Audio Book and Songs are
Fun, Entertaining and Educational!



"The Ballad of The Bees" Audio Book Sample





Rhyming joyously, “The Ballad of The Bees” takes you and
your children on a lyrical adventure inside the lives of
our beloved, busy little bee friends. 


It poetically weaves fun facts about the world’s bees
with values and living in harmony. 


It tells how their selfless efforts provide the
delicious treats of sweet honey, yummy
fruits and healthy veggies
we all love.





This Bee-lightful Audio Ballad Stimulates Your Child’s Infinite
Imagination and Bee-rilliant Mind In the Most . . .

Powerful Way Possible. . .

Allowing Them to Create Their Own
Mental Pictures as They Listen!





Creating your own busy, buzzy bee voices or singing and dancing to
the bouncy, inspiring melody of “The Bee Bee Jubilee!” WILL
leave you and your children Bee-lissfully abuzz with
jubilant admiration for our 

Productive Little Pals . . .

The Bee-utiful Bees!




Here's a Sample of the "Bee Bee Jubilee!" Songs





Not only will you and your children appreciate and love bees like
never before, the heartfelt synthesis of harmonic frequencies
within the vocals and melodies can also
significantly enhance . . .


Energy Levels

General Well-being


The Body’s Ability to Protect Itself From Harmful Vibrational
Influences While Boosting Its Own Self Repair.




These Inspirational Compositions are Just BUZZING 
To Be Performed At Schools, Churches, Daycares
or Other Programs for Children.




As Dr. Pravin Patel said . . .

"Honestly, it's not just a poem but kind of great inspiration
for all human beings."






The Ballad of The Bees Audio Book (9:20)

The Bee Bee Jubilee! Songs (21:51)

  1. 3 and 5 Verse Character Versions w/ Introduction (2:45 and 3:28)
  2. 3 and 5 Verse Character Versions (2:11 and 2:55)
  3. 3 and 5 Verse Bonus Versions (2:12 and 3:04)
  4. 3 and 5 Verse Orchestration Only (2:12 and 3:04)




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 BeeeLightful Story & Bee Bee Jubilee Songs


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