The Ballad of The Bees E-Book

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The Ballad of The Bees E-Book



The Ballad of The Bees is a beautifully illustrated book of poetic playfulness and
bright colors for children of all ages that helps them build an appreciation,
understanding and awareness of bees and their vital role

 in providing us with fruits, nuts and veggies.



It shows how people, like bees, can live in health and harmony
with one another
while creating things
that benefit everyone.



There are no other books like it . . . it uniquely weaves information
about bees with
ways for children and their families to
live happy, healthy and successful lives.



It weaves a poetic tale of how all life, from bees to flowers to people,
is precious,
connected and interrelated. That loving and helping
one another are
the keys to happiness and health.



It is Joyfully Inspiring!



As Dr. Pravin Patel said . . .

"Honestly, it's not just a poem but kind of great inspiration for all human beings."



World-renowned author and educator Dr. Steven D. Farmer tells us . . .

“Children can easily relate to stories that communicate important ideas about respect
for the Earth and other living beings when told through the viewpoint of animals.
Animals demonstrate a truthful simplicity that we sometimes forget
as we grow older and our world becomes more complicated.”



The Ballad of The Bees Tale Excerpts


"A busy bee is a happy bee,
never a moment to be gossipy.

We love to buzz and sing;
dance, swing and do our thing."


"It takes 10,000 bees, flying over 55,000 miles,
touching 2,000 flowers, to make 1 pound of honey.

So we hope your heart is full of smiles,
when the honey hits your lips and tummy."




Treat Your Children and Your Entire Family to

This BeeeLightful Story


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