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A Fairy Tale Of The Heart™ E-Book
That Helps Develop Your Children's Brilliance!


The very gifted and creative genius Albert Einstein said,

 “If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them Fairy Tales.
If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more Fairy Tales.”


Our original Fairy Tales of the Heart stimulate your child’s creative abilities in
the most powerful way storybooks can!


They allow your child to “fully exercise” their infinite imagination and brilliant mind by 
creating their own picture of what’s happening on a page.


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nurture your Children's Brilliance and can
contribute to their Success in Life!






"The Christmas Starlight" Synopsis


This heart-warming, inspiring Christmas story will bring tears to
your eyes and joy to your heart for many 
 Christmas’ to come.


What appears to be a burnt out Christmas bulb
provides lessons on

hurt feelings,

sharing feelings,

being inquisitive,

experiencing life with the joy of a child,

letting go of agendas when they no longer serve us,

taking time to be in the moment with our children, and

how each person can see something different in the same object.



"The Christmas Starlight" Excerpt 


As she peeked inside, her eyes opened wide, a smile spread
across her lips, her breath gasped in awe, and
every cell of her body tingled
in happy delight.


Smiling, no grinning, as she closed the lid and took her very
own little treasure chest to the checkout counter,
Amanda asked,

“How much is this Christmas light?”


“What Christmas light, dear?” the clerk replied.

This dusty old box contains nothing but
a burned out Christmas bulb.”


“See!” she said, opening the box for Amanda to see.

“Nothing but a single burned out Christmas bulb!”




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