A Sample of The Testimonials We Have Received 

Along With Testimonials of Doctors


“This is a letter of celebration on behalf of Timothy Stuetz and it is my pleasure to recommend Timothy’s highly creative children’s books. They are cleverly crafted to entertain as well as educate. 

Four years ago a group of my 4th and 5th grade English Language Learners read and discussed Timothy’s fine books. 


The students thoroughly enjoyed the imaginative stories, witty dialogue and lively illustrations. When I shared the books with colleagues, they were likewise impressed by Timothy’s creative presentations of meaningful topics.


It is my hope as a former teacher and currently an English Language Acquisition Coach/Trainer of teachers, that Timothy Stuetz’s books will be widely circulated and enjoyed by students throughout the country.”  L.R., ELA Coach/Trainer, Cherry Creek Schools, Student Achievement Services


 “Fairy Tales of the Heart is . . . a series of heart felt stories that reconnect adults and children to the magic and wonder of life.


These are modern day stories that transport adults to their inner child and stimulate creative imagination in children. The potential application of these stories in parent/child relationship as well as in adult inner-child work is unlimited.


As a holistic physician who sees so much of the pain of our forgotten selves, I highly recommend this series as a first step in reconnecting to the magic, wonder, and deep meaning in your own unique life!”   Dr. D.S., M.D. 


“TO ALL PARENTS, Bliss Beary Bear comes to you in truth and love—the pen of your very own hearts. Our children are special gifts—innocent gifts. The gifts of our future. They absorb everything they see and hear.

Just as a sponge releases the same water it soaks up, your actions and words will one day be released by your children. Bliss Beary Bear’s Tales of the Heart are droplets of love. Shower your children with them. The love and practical lessons weaved throughout the Tales will be absorbed and ultimately released as smiles, laughter, caring and a tremendous sense of self-worth.

Dive in yourself! Let the child within you enjoy the cosmic fantasy with which values are shared. Delight as Bliss Beary Bear explores and resolves the practical situations we’ve all faced in one form or another.

For the children— ” G. B., Former Elementary School Principal, National PTA Outstanding Educator of the Year



“There is a bear most everywhere—real or make believe. In the wild—as wild as can be. In zoos—where they probably don’t want to be.

They are in movies, stories, commercials, books and cartoons. But whether real or fiction, they all have adventurous stories to tell for listener and reader alike.

These may be stories of happiness, sadness, or both—but whatever you read or hear, will make you a part of the adventures near and far of bears everywhere. Some of their deeds are magical, others may be mystical and still others outright whimsical. Whether real or make believe, in your mind or in your heart, there exists for everyone an everywhere bear that shares stories of love and care.

For me it is Bliss Beary Bear and it may be for you too. But the name is not as important as the stories shared and, any name you might call this bear of everywhere, will be as special as you!

So here to share are Bliss Beary Bear’s Tales of love and care.” J. J. S., Attorney at Law, Children’s Educator


“I not only read but felt the whole poem. It was so wonderful and I’m so impressed with it. Honestly, it’s not just a poem but kind of great inspiration for all human beings.” Dr. Patel, Ayurvedic Physician




"Yes, Yes . . . tales and pictures to stimulate the hearts and minds of our future leaders of our globe. As a ventriloquist, teacher, producer, poet and spirit who has learned my lessons from the wee ones, I will support your work and philosophy to the fullest. Thanks and gratitude, dear hearts."  XOXO, Marjorie S.




“It was a delight to meet Poet Bear.  The theme of moderation was well communicated without sounding preachy.” Linda G., Children’s Book Author and Educator



“I have done tai chi years ago but then life got busy.  So, when I saw the Power Animal Frolic DVD, I decided to try it. The costumes are amazing which made it easy to follow and I felt energy moving through my body in just a short time.

I have shared it with my niece to use with her 5-year old son with autism.  I have recommended it to many of our patients that come to our medical practice.” Registered Nurse, Senior Citizen, Oregon


“Unique, wish there was more t’ai chi and yoga for kids out there.   3-yr old daughter LOVES this.  I think she likes the animal costumes. We’ll do the T’ai Chi together.” A Mother’s Testimonial



“I got these for my grandchildren (2 sets) a couple of years ago and they are still using them.  At first, every once in a while, one of the children would be an animal – and this could last for a week or more – doing the graceful motions of that animal over and over – now they are making up story dances of animals and their moves and use the tape for reference.

One happy Grannie – that’s me!" S. O., Anaheim, CA


 “Working with Timothy on the Power Animal Frolics was a wonderful experience for me.  Most of the children we used were my friends’ children. They were so taken by the teaching through the animals that they actually paid attention–even at the early ages of 3 – 11. They really enjoyed themselves–so much so, they keep up the practice to this day.

I feel when young children are introduced to this practice of Tai chi and Qigong they not only get a complete physical work out, it also helps to mold their behavior into more peaceful, thoughtful, caring and loving teens and adults.

Plus the videos are something that parents can do along with their children–without even leaving their homes. One of my friends even formed a play date Power Animal Frolics party.  Everyone had so much fun they decided to continue once a week.

My accolades of the benefits from Power Animals Frolics can go on forever.  Every household with kids should have the DVD.” Saba Moor-Doucette, Producer Power Animal Frolics


“My students LOVE doing the t’ai chi and keep asking for more!  We do it the last 10 minutes of class, before they go to recess, and everyone is so calm and happy! (especially me!)  It really is a great DVD.  The kids love the costumes and the gentle presentations.

Another teacher has expressed an interest in the DVD so I’m going to let her see it. She teaches kindergarten and does yoga with her little ones.” MWS, Schmitt Elementary School Teacher



"GREAT to hear from you here AND thank you again for the most amazing experience…it was by far one of THE MOST AMAZING healing sessions and experiences that Tom and I have EVER had. What a gift! YOU are something else!!!"  Shondra, Sedona



“The Indian Head Massage was a wonderful experience. It released tension in my neck and head and overall relaxed my entire body. You have a wonderful healing touch. My mind, body, and spirit were lifted. I would recommend this to anyone.”—J.S.




“Timothy, the participants were so deeply touched by your quiet and strong gentleness, by the wisdom that clearly manifests from your eyes and your body and by the deep content knowledge you possess. Thank you for giving us your time and for sharing your spirit.” Conference Chairperson



“This has been one of the best ways—actually the best way to obtain CEU’s. I say this because this is a class that has taught me something I can use every day of my life to make my life better. I cannot express how much I have enjoyed this. My stress level has greatly decreased and I have a much more positive attitude. I am slowly becoming more aware of myself—what a wonderful discovery.” L.G., Nurse.



“Outstanding—enlightening—stress reliever. Program should be longer because so much can be gained through the use of this program. Kaiser Permanente Hospital should promote this T’ai Chi class through their medical staff.” Anonymous Nurse




“T’ai Chi—Enhanced Chih Style has changed my life from being physically imbalanced to being able to walk with certainty. It has also given balance to my psychological and emotional. I feel like a whole new person. Thank you for introducing it into my life.” Rachel, Nurse



“I thoroughly enjoyed your Qigong class. I am not athletic in any sense of the word, but this class was a form of discipline and exercise I truly enjoyed. You are a great teacher. And thanks for all the additional subject matter you shared like the music and negative energy blockers, etc. Your class was most rewarding. I look forward to taking other classes from you in the future. Kudos to you . . .” Maureen

Empowered 2jpeg


"Our son Jason had an uncontrollable twitch in one of his eyes. A neurologist and our regular doctor ran tests that indicated no conclusive reason for this twitching. Nothing really seemed to help the situation so we decided to try the Nano Vibe Energy Pendant and Energy Music. Within only two days the twitching had subsided and eventually it disappeared." Robert & Allina Ferraro, Las Vegas, NV



"My wife has suffered from a debilitating malady for many years and was bed-ridden for about 80% of any given day. After a couple of hours of using the products, she got up and began washing the dishes. She remained up and about doing chores. The next morning she was up early busying herself around the house. I was a complete skeptic, but no more!" John Alkire, Chief Technology Officer, Lezur TV, Huntington Beach, CA




“I felt filled with Joy and Love, from God, for God, for you, for everyone.” Roberta Lemon



"I underwent surgery to remove a tumor over my right shoulder blade. It left the muscles and tendons inches shorter. I could not lift my arm above my head, nor turn my head to the right and I suffered tremendous headaches. I now wear the Nano Vibe Energy Pendant and listen to the Energy Music every day and have more strength and range of motion and I’m able to turn my head again.” Joyce Spillane, Costa Mesa, CA



“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong. Yoga is the most important exercise of my daily routine.”   

“For thousands of years people around the world have developed alternative therapies to treat the body, mind, and the soul . . . This is the area of Energy Medicine.” Dr. Oz



“The main conclusion from many studies is that Qigong enables the body to heal itself.” Dr. Kenneth Sancier