Commanding Your Soul, Part 2


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May these words help you and your children embody and radiate love, like rays of

life-sustaining sunshine, as you navigate the unchartered waters

of daily living with clarity, confidence and ease.



Namaste, Aloha Everyone! It’s my honor and pleasure to welcome you to Part 2 of Commanding Your Soul Power.


Thank you for being here as we explore simple activities that will heighten your and your children’s experience of your souls--activities that can easily be integrated into your daily lives.


Thank yourself for being here, for being a conscious parent, who wants conscious, compassionate, truthful, non-violent and blissful relationships with their children and everyone else.


In this moment, I invite you to smile, relax your body, focus your mind, open your heart, and set aside all the activities, thoughts and emotions that preceded this moment.  


As you live in and as your ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new, blissful soul, you unlock the powers of your immense heart, beautiful body and marvelous mind. You purify your emotions and transform your life and the lives of your children, family, friends and community.


Remember from last week what the great Meditation Master Baba Muktananda said it was like to walk in and as the light of your soul as we go about your daily activities? Baba who travelled the world in the 1970’s, igniting the soul power of millions, said:


“ . . . You will see splendid sights and glorious forms. You will perceive internal divine lights. You’ll feel love for one another. You will see the whole world as radiant.

Along with visions, you will hear inner sounds. Sweet, divine music will ring in your ears. As you listen to it, you will have such a sleep as is enjoyed only by heavenly beings. These melodious strains will compel you to dance in ecstasy and eradicate your indifference, distress, and ramblings of mind. Not only this, the inner music will release celestial ambrosia and you will relish its sweetness.


This nectar, trickling from the palate, is the sweetest of all tastes. Each drop is worth more than millions. This elixir will expel all your diseases and fill you with gladness. Your anger will vanish. You will exude ambrosial sweetness. You will rejoice in your spouse and children. As you taste this nectar and become absorbed in it, you will be transported with inner delight.

0 my dear ones! You will also inhale divine scents. As your inner aroma is released, not only your home but your whole world will become tranquil; your body will shed its heaviness and sloth, and become lithe and vibrant."


I know from my own experience that you and your children can delight in these soulful experiences every moment of every day.


However, like everything else we become good at, enjoying the wonders of our souls each moment does involve some conscious participation on our part—some practice. It doesn’t happen all by itself.


You and your children can cultivate the wonders of your souls by integrating some simple, easy activities into your daily lives.


Simple and easy activities like watching the thoughts floating through your minds. Watch your thoughts as one pointedly as a child listens to his or her favorite fairy tale.


Really become aware of what’s going on in your mind. When you notice thoughts that are not constructive or joyful, acknowledge them and let them go. Let them slide from your mind as easily as water runs off a newly waxed surface. Replace them with an endless stream of thoughts about love, your children, beauty, your beloved, helping others, great saints and masters. Take control of what you think.


One morning in the moments just before I awoke from a night’s sleep, I noticed my mind was actually starting to plan the day’s activities. Like it had its own agenda. That was the moment I decided to take control of my mind. Not let it plan and think things before I even woke up.


Take control of your mind. Create a serene, focused, vibrant mind you can use to achieve your full potential and create fertile gardens in which your children’s lives will blossom.


A proven way to use the full potential of your mind and cultivate the ecstatic experiences of your soul is by becoming quiet. By creating a calm, beautiful, safe place inside yourself where you can connect with your soul and make clear decisions about your life.


This is an activity that you and your beautiful children can do together. If they are with you now, please invite them to join us.


Focusing and quieting your minds, allows you and your children to ride the currents of your breath into the depths of your souls and recover the priceless treasures awaiting you. It gives you and your children the ability to stay centered in the midst of uncomfortable or challenging situations. Situations when you feel powerless, sad, hurt, afraid, angry, jealous, left out, or alone.


With practice your soul power will be instantly available whenever you need it--like water when you turn on the tap. That’s why I’m sharing it with you again.


So, if it’s safe to do so, please bring one or both of your hands to your heart and close your eyes.


With each breath relax deeper and deeper. Watch your breath as it effortlessly flows in through your nose and out through your nose. You don’t even have to try and breathe. Just watch, observe the breath as it flows in and out.


Follow your breath all the way in to where it pauses for a moment before it naturally starts to flow back out. Then follow it all the way out to where it pauses for a moment before it naturally flows back in. Watch it flow in, watch it flow out. Pay attention to the pauses between the breaths. The peaceful pauses between the peaceful breaths.


The peaceful pauses where you can feel your soul.


When you practice this on your own or guide your children, take your time, watch your breath till you feel very calm and peaceful.


Then, imagine, pretend, and feel like your body is completely hollow, empty, like the center of a drinking straw.


Pretend you are breathing warm, soft, loving air into your empty body—you are completely hollow inside. Completely hollow--there is nothing inside—no pain, no tension, no thoughts—just love.


You feel so light and empty, yet full of Love.


Now visualize or imagine you are in your favorite place. Maybe it’s your room or a special place in your yard, a park, a big blue lake, a meadow, the ocean, or Disneyland.


Imagine, see in your mind’s eye, what it’s like to be in your favorite place.


What does it feel like there?


Notice what you are doing there?


What sounds do you hear?


Really be there. Make this favorite place very real in your mind.


What colors do you see?


What do you smell?


Can you touch or feel anything that’s there with you?


What or who is there with you?


Feel how calm you are in this place.


Feel how protected and safe you are in this place. Feel like you are all snuggled up in your favorite blanket or comforter.


Feel how powerful you are in this place.


Feel how loving you are in this place.


Silently say to your self—I am love.


I am beautiful.


I am safe.


I am calm and peaceful.


I am powerful.

I am a Divine Soul.


I am safe.


Imagine you really can see your soul. Remember what sparklers look like on the 4th of July?   You can see the light of your soul. You can feel the vibrations of your soul.


Remember what the sparkling lights look like when they beam somebody from place to place on Star Trek? Imagine seeing those sparkling lights all around you. You can feel the sparkling radiance of your soul.


Imagine you are in the center of the brightest, most sparkling rainbow you’ve ever seen!


You can even hear the music of your soul. It might sound like booming thunder, the wind blowing through pine trees, or the soft sound of the ocean when you put a seashell next to your ear.


When your mind is at rest, your body at ease, when you feel safe, your soul comes forth.


When you get up and leave this special, magical, safe place you’ll feel wonderful. Know you can come back here anytime you want to and recreate these feelings.


Practice this every day!!!!!! Just like you eat everyday. Just like you go to sleep every day.


Now, on a long, slow inhale fill your entire being with the radiant light of your soul. Feel as if your entire being is glowing. Hold it for a moment and feel this radiant light pulsating in every cell of your beautiful body. Exhale, sending your soul light, your love, to everyone listening to or reading this in this moment and to those who will be listening to the recording.


Now, in this moment, I hope your body is feeling refreshed, your heart happy, your mind calm and your soul blissful. Breathe deeply in this moment and know you are an embodiment of bliss. Feel the blissful soul you are!


You truly can live in your soul’s perpetual bliss, peace, contentment, and wonder—completely untouched by the changes of age, daily activities and challenges, karmic circumstances, and even world upheavals.


You can experience yourself as a Divine Soul whose loving heart, calm mind, healthy emotions, and beautiful body will obey its divine commands. Here’s a command I use everyday to nurture total health.


I invite you to repeat it after me: "Every cell, every molecule, every atom, every pore of my beautiful being is alive, healthy and functioning as God intended it to."


Again, " . . . every cell, every molecule, every atom, every pore of my beautiful being is alive, healthy, and functioning as God intended it to."


With practice, your body will obey your soul’s commands. Sometimes you may be guided to make other changes in your life so those commands can be realized. No matter what you affirm, you cannot enjoy a healthy body eating junk food and drinking sodas.


As we talked about last week, you can live in and as your soul, you can maintain consciousness, 24/7. You can maintain consciousness while your body sleeps—you can watch it sleep.


You can constantly embrace the life you created and are creating with every thought and action.


There is not one thing that you have ever done, that was a mistake. That you could have done differently. In each moment, each instance, you chose the best course of action given your level of consciousness at the time.


Embrace yourself, have compassion for yourself. Embrace your children and family. Have compassion for them.


Each of you is truly making the best decision you can in each moment given your level of consciousness.   As a team, a family, your consciousness is cumulative and you can assist one another with grace and ease through blissful and challenging times.


You can look deep inside your souls from within your favorite place to understand the fullness and richness of why you’re really together—to find ways to constantly nourish your souls and the souls of your children.


Kahil Gibran’s words in The Prophet are such a beautiful reminder on how to nourish your children’s unique souls—if written today they could be titled, The Essence of Conscious Parenting.


“Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.


They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.


You may give them your love but not your thoughts,

For they have their own thoughts.


You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.


You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.


You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.


The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.


Let your bending in the archer’s hand, be for gladness;

For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.”


He bends you with his might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archer’s hand, God’s hand, be for gladness.


Embracing your joys and sorrows as gifts from God, being a conscious parent, is the fuel that propels your children’s lives forward. Be grateful for and walk through each moment of life experiencing the divine soul you are first and foremost!


For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He Loves also the bow that is stable.


God loves you and your children. You are unique and infinite soul rays of God’s love, containing the full essence of God, just like each ray of sunshine contains the full, life-enhancing spectrum of the Sun.


ParamahansaYogananda, one of India’s great modern masters, says, “The universal everything is made of the singular consciousness of God. When a spark of that consciousness is individualized by God, it becomes a soul, capable of ultimately expressing the God-image in which it is made. In essence, the soul is perfect and complete, an exact reflection of God's ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss.”


May you always find ways to constantly nourish your soul and the souls of your children, God’s children, as you dance together within God’s love as God’s love.


May you nourish the soul of every child of God.


When you see chaos throughout the world . . . what you are really seeing is disharmony within a child of God . . . a soul just like you . . . a soul who has forgotten who it is—a soul looking for love just like you and I—perhaps looking for love in all the wrong places just like you and I have done at one time or another before something woke us up. Do we condemn them for that or find a way to understand and help?


Paramanhansa Yogananda also said, “The ego consciousness in man keeps the soul attached to matter by presenting a series of mortal desires, and by emphasizing the "individuality' or peculiarities (differences) of each man, reminding him of the limited physical relations of country, race, nation, family, possessions, individual characteristics, and so forth.


The soul, a reflection of Spirit, should manifest its omnipresent, all-knowing character. The Spirit is ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new, omnipresent Joy; the soul is the individualized reflection of ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Joy, confined within the body of each and every being.”


Let’s keep exploring ways to nurture your ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new, blissful soul as you and your children go about your daily lives. Ways you can access and command your Soul Power to be present with each and every breath. Your eternal Soul Power is always there, just waiting for you to acknowledge, access and apply it. Just waiting for your children to hold on to and use to create fulfilling lives.


Each of these ways of acknowledging, accessing and applying your soul power can be done as a family as well as individually.


Martin Luther said, “Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.”


Exposing your children to relaxing and uplifting music will provide immeasurable benefits now and for their entire life.


Music soothes the mind, relaxes and enlivens the body, sends the soul soaring and reconnects you with the vibratory essence of your beings.


Berthold Auerbach says, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”


Music can improve your verbal IQ, aid in heart disease treatment by reducing the heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety.


Music can evoke colors in your mind and even help you see happy faces all around. As little as 15 seconds of music can change the way you judge the emotions on other peoples’ faces.


Great music can transform an ordinary day into something magical, even spiritual. It can provide solace, release, strong sensations and more.


Music is encoded in your genes. Singing raises your level of consciousness. Research shows that your voice, the sound of your voice, is the most healing sound you can listen to. Your voice creates unique vibrations that attune and harmonize the cells of your body.


Ever wonder why humming feels so good?


Hum right now. Feel the vibrations it creates throughout your body. When you’re done, rub your middle fingers up and down lightly right behind your ears. How does that feel?


You can hum or tone different sounds too. Toning is an ancient healing practice anyone can do. Practice these with your children and invite them to be with us now. Let’s tone the following sounds together. As we do, notice how your body and mind feel. Notice if you feel the sounds in certain parts of your body more than others?


The first one we’ll do is Ahhhhhhhhh!


We find this sound "Ahh" in the names of God throughout the worlds religions: God, Allah, Ram, Ra, Buddha, Krishna, Tao, Khoda, Jehovah, Brahman, Jah!


I invite you to tone Ahh with me. Enjoy a deep inhale and let your breath out with Ahhhh.


Feel the effects of Ahhh in your body.


Inhale again, and exhale Eeeeee!




Experience the effects of Eeeeee.


Inhale again, and exhale Mmmmmm!




Experience the effects of Mmmmmm.


Inhale again, and exhale Ommmm!




Experience the effects of Ommmm.


Inhale again, and exhale Hummmm!




Experience the effects of Hummmm.


Inhale again, and exhale Sahhhh!




Now rub your middle fingers up and down lightly right behind your ears.


Practicing these sounds for several minutes on your own often will have a very healing effect on your mind and body.


Have fun with it. Take your voice real high and real low.


Tone often. Sing often. Tone as you continue reading in Part 2, Continued.


Tone Ahhhh, Eeeeee, Mmmmmm, Ommmmm, Hummmmm, Sahhhhhh.


Feel the soothing vibrations of your voice.


Feel the power of your voice.


Dance in ecstasy as you continue learning more about Commanding Your Soul in Part 2 "Continued". 



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