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May these words help you and your children embody and radiate love, like rays of

life-sustaining sunshine, as you navigate the unchartered waters

of daily living with clarity, confidence and ease.

The highest expression of human love and creativity is conscious parenting.


What does it mean to be conscious?


What’s involved in the process of becoming conscious?


What does it mean to be a conscious parent?


Today we’ll explore and experience what it means to be conscious and a conscious parent.


Through conscious parenting we continually transcend our current limitations.  We learn to continually open our hearts to the unique gifts our precious children bring to our lives and the unique gifts we have to offer our children.


This article explores how conscious parenting is a simultaneous relationship with our outer children as well as our inner child—an unconditional, loving relationship that embraces spirituality, self-growth, lifestyle, wellness, silence, inspiration, play, exercise and community.


It will help you understand and meet the feelings, needs, and challenges at play in your lives.  It will bring you a deeper appreciation of your children, your family, yourself and your unique lives.


Thomas Merton said, “The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image.  Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”


Please enjoy the guided visualizations, storytelling, and sharings where you and your children can tangibly experience the crystal clarity of your minds, the power of your wills, the splendor of your bodies, the love in your hearts and the infinite wonders of your souls.


May these words help you and your children embody and radiate love, like rays of life-sustaining sunshine, as you navigate the unchartered waters of daily living with clarity, confidence and ease.


With infinite love and infinite respect Welcome!


Welcome to Conscious Parenting—Loving, Empowering and Respecting God’s Children.


I’m Timothy and it’s my honor and pleasure to be with you.


Happy New Year Everyone!


Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!  May each moment of this Happy New Year find you happier, healthier, more peaceful and prosperous, and more conscious than the previous moment.


Over 50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday is celebrated today in America, spoke about Loving, Empowering and Respecting God’s Children in his famous Dream Speech. Part of his dream was . . . “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”


Part of my dream is that all children will soon live in a fully conscious world where they are safe, sheltered, fed, clothed, loved, cared for and cherished in every possible way. Where they are free to develop their full potential mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


That’s the essence of conscious parenting—Loving, Empowering and Respecting God’s Children.


Asking your questions inwardly is personally empowering. Take them into meditation or prayer with you. Ask for guidance as you go to sleep. Be open to receiving answers in many ways . . . maybe a friend’s phone call or something you hear on the radio. Perhaps the answer will arrive as a bolt of inspiration while you are walking or working.


Answers can come in many ways other than Google! And Google can be one of the ways too!


In several books of the Bible it says . . . “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, it will be opened . . .”


This is my experience too. It’s really that simple. Ask! It’s also my experience that there are many spiritual traditions and truths we can explore and embrace that shed light on conscious parenting. We are also fortunate in this day and age to have so many experts on human development, books, trainings, and other resources to enhance our conscious parenting skills.


Our time together is an opportunity to expand your consciousness, touch deeper aspects of your being, and enhance your ability to be a conscious parent, a conscious being. It’s going to give you tangible experiences of peace and love from which you can accomplish daily activities. From which you can consciously parent and consciously live.


There’s far more than words and information being shared here. There’s a transmission of energy. There’s the heightened energy field we create by coming together. We are a global community connecting our energetic beings together. There’s more than a one-way exchange of information taking place. We are exchanging information with each other through our mental and soul bodies.


And in this moment, let’s consciously empower this unified field we are co creating. On an inhale fill your entire being with the radiant love you are, hold it, and in a moment exhale, sending that love to everyone listening in this moment and to those who will be listening to the recording. Together let’s consciously hold the intention that each of us will become more conscious with each passing moment.


We are also linked in this magical process with God’s Infinite Grace, along with the Grace of countless Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings, here with us now, sending waves of loving vibrations to assist in our ongoing awakening.


To receive the full benefits of these energies and these experiences, I invite you to be fully present. If unable to devote your undivided attention to listening and participating in this moment, I invite you to listen again when you can gift yourself with total immersion. Stay with us now, but do tune in again!


A modern dictionary defines conscious as: having awareness of one’s environment and one’s own existence, sensations, and thoughts.


Our breath and heart are an immediate connection to this Awareness.


In yogic traditions the natural vibration of our conscious Self is expressed through our breath as So’Ham or Hamsa. The breath makes the natural sound of Ham as it flows in and Sah as it flows out. Hamsa translates into I AM THAT or I AM CONSCIOUSNESS. When we connect with this vibration and our heart, we immediately become centered and conscious.


So, if it’s safe to do so, please close your eyes and bring one or both of your hands to your Beautiful Heart and focus on the vibrations of your heart.


Feel the pulsations.


Listen to your Beautiful Heart beating.


As you inhale, feel and hear HAM pulsating in your heart. Pulsating as your heart.


As you exhale, let your breath out with a verbal SAA.


As you inhale, feel and hear HAM pulsating in your heart.


As you exhale, let your breath out with a verbal SAA.


Notice what you’re experiencing.


Again, inhale, feeling and hearing HAM pulsating in your heart.


As you exhale, let your breath out with a verbal SAA.


Feel as if every pore of your being is vibrating with Radiant Love.


Feel this Radiant Love as you silently inhale Ham and verbally exhale SAA.


Imagine your Radiant Being is one petal of a radiant Golden Lotus that we form together.


See this Golden Lotus that we are. Feel this Golden Lotus that we are.


See your children and beloved as petals of this Golden Lotus.


As your breath silently moves in and out, feel the pulsations of your Golden Petal aligning with, moving in rhythm with the Golden Petals of your Children, your Beloved, and all the other Golden Petals listening to this Show.


Feel all the petals of this radiant Golden Lotus as if they are you.


Many Golden Petals-----one Golden Lotus.


Feel the vibration of your Golden Petal harmonizing with all the Golden Petals.


With the Golden Petals of your children, your Beloved, our community.


Feel the harmonious, pulsing vibration of this Golden Lotus, now pulsating in your very own heart.


Keeping your hands at your heart, gently open your eyes and return your awareness to your breath. Take several long, easy inhales and long slow exhales.


Simply let your belly expand as the air easily flows in and let your belly contract as the air flows back out.


You are an ever-evolving experience of the Golden Love.


Your soul, your mind, your emotions, your ascended heart, your physical body—Golden Love.


Your children—Golden Love.


Your Beloved—Golden Love.


If you gift yourself with this simple practice several times a day—morning, noon and night—it will bring you many gifts. I encourage you to practice till it becomes second nature. Practice till it becomes part of you. It is you. It is your true nature.


It will bring you blessings whenever you get anxious, upset, triggered, angry, or anything else that pulls you out of the pure, peaceful love and conscious awareness at the center of your being. You’ll be able to instantly, without hesitating, connect in with your breath and heart and return to your Conscious Self, your true nature.


It’s one thing to know you don’t want to react to situations in less than kind, loving ways but unless you practice returning to CONSCIOUS AWARENESS and responding in different ways, the old habits and triggers are going to automatically kick in.


Suddenly you’ll be saying things you don’t want to say in a tone you don’t want to use, doing things you don’t want to do, treating others in ways neither you nor them appreciate.


With practice, whenever you get anxious, upset, triggered, angry, or anything else that’s other than loving, you’ll have this powerful connection to your breath and heart to sustain you.


You’ll be able to STOP, pause, bring your hands to your heart, and breathe HamSA, breathe I AM CONSCIOUSNESS. Return to being CONSCIOUS.


From that space of clarity you can re enter and address what’s happening in the moment.


You’ll be able to respond to what’s happening instead of reacting.


An acronym you can use to remember connecting with your Heart is SAFE.


And, if it’s safe to do so, please practice along with me.


S is for Stop! Stop when you are triggered. Immediately! Pause and bring your hands to your heart. Feel and connect with the pulsations and infinite love of your heart. Silently breathe HamSa.


If you are with someone else, let him or her know you’ve been triggered and need a moment to return to clarity to be present for them. It’s OK to even excuse your self and move to a different location.   S is for Stop.


A is Acknowledge what you are experiencing. Don’t say to yourself it’s not happening or it shouldn’t be happening. It is! Acknowledge it. Keep breathing.


F is Feel. Let yourself feel what you are experiencing. Experience any feelings associated with what’s arising. No need to think about them, just feel them. Be aware. Be with them. Watch them rise and subside like waves. Keep breathing.


E is Expand. Continue breathing Ham Sa with the awareness you are pure consciousness. Return to your true Self. Return to your expanded breath. Return to I AM CONSCIOUS. Return to an expanded state of love from which you can respond to what’s happening in the moment.


SAFE. Stop. Acknowledge. Feel. Expand.


From this space you can Parent or do anything else Consciously.


From this space, you’ll be aware of your sensations, your thoughts, and what’s happening in your environment—and what’s happening with your children and loved ones.


Your children are Golden Petals of Consciousness too. You share the same consciousness. You are the same consciousness experiencing that consciousness through unique bodies, minds, and personalities.


Like you, your children have needs and feelings. Needs and feelings that need to be acknowledged, honored, perhaps explained and, in their case, perhaps expressed in the moment without fear!


It’s not always easy to put our triggered or habitual reactions from unresolved issues in our past to the side and become present for what’s happening with our children or anyone else in our life.


As your children observe you taking the time to be present with them, they will open up more.


The essence of traditional parenting is “being in control” or “predicting and controlling” the behavior of children. This has never worked. The complexity of each child, their limitless possibilities, their true nature, precludes us from predicting, controlling and manipulating them successfully.


Through conscious parenting we continually transcend these tendencies and suspend all assumptions of what “should or should not be”, what a good parent is, what a good child is, what society says we should do or not do, what our inner parent says we should do or not do.


We learn to continually open our hearts to the unique gifts our precious children bring to our lives in each precious moment. We open to the unique gifts we have to offer our children in each precious moment.


The highest expression of human love and creativity is conscious parenting.


Paramahansa Yogananda, a great Indian Yogi and Guru, who introduced millions of Americans to meditation and healthier ways of being in relationship with one another, said,

“Parents and children should understand that their relationship is not fortuitous, but is due to a divine plan. Family life is the laboratory in which human love can be transformed into God's perfect love.

 Parents should look upon their child as the honored temple where their conjugal love can be purified and expanded into filial love. They should feel that they are serving God in that little temple. Children, in turn, should look upon their parents as visible representatives of God on earth.

For parents, kindness and loving guidance should prevail, never harsh treatment. If parents are harsh or unkind to their children, owing to a lack of self-control, they will surely prevent God from expanding His love from the parental heart to the heart of the child.”

I wished I had heard and was living those words in my early years as an unconscious parent. One Sunday afternoon while working at home, trying to meet a deadline . . . as a CPA there was always another deadline . . . my two year old daughter started playing with things on my desk. At the time, I didn’t see this as play or perhaps needing attention. My unconscious, unaware self saw it as a distraction. Without thinking, I picked up a ruler and slapped her hand. Perhaps it was a learned reaction from military school punishment or something my parents had done to me.


Prior to that moment, I had never physically hurt my daughter. Her teary eyes reflected the shock she was feeling.   I was shocked by what I had done and what she was feeling. Everything went into slow motion.


I flashed back to the time when I was 9 years old and shot a tiny bird off a telephone wire with a BB GUN. Then too, everything went into slow motion. The world stood still. As that lifeless bird fell to the ground, I instantly realized I had violated some universal principle!


And now I was experiencing another violation of a universal principle. And just like I never shot a little bird again, I never hit my precious daughter again.


And this was not the first time she was a catalyst for a profound awakening within me nor was it the last. Another meaning of conscious in the dictionary is “mentally perceptive or awake”.


Yogananda also said . . . “Parents should take care never to scold their children before others, or to bring an erring child to rebellion by continuous harshness.”


That’s how my brother reacted to the continuous harshness he experienced as a child—he rebelled. I, on the other hand, became compliant and invisible.


Yogananda advises that . . . “strong, loving suggestions, alongside their good example, will do more to change a child than anger or harsh words.”


Let’s take a moment now and, if it’s safe to do so, close your eyes and visualize your children as individual and unique temples of God. Unique Gods and Goddesses. Visualize them as unique Petals on the Golden Lotus of Humanity, the Golden Lotus of Creation. Make a commitment in your heart to learn whatever you have to learn, practice whatever you have to practice, to treat them as such in every moment.


This will make a profound shift in your relationship you’ll see your children as they actually are rather than looking at them through the colored glasses of an agenda or triggered reaction.


In the Bond of Power, international child development expert Joseph Chilton Pearce, said . . .”No capacity can unfold without an appropriate model and proper   nurturing . . . A child could imitate, or construct a model of his universe, around any model, and respond accordingly to his construction.


He does model what he is given, and so does as we do. He is blocked not because of some innate lack, but from an outer lack of models and nurturing . . .


We do not model our lives according to theories or abstract functions, but according to live, visible, tangible models. We do not bond to universal processes but to persons. The power of the bond can come into our life only through the powers of the bonded person.”


You, as a conscious parent, are the Golden God and Goddess your child will bond to and model.


The highest expression of human love and creativity is conscious parenting. Acknowledge and honor yourself in this moment for being a conscious parent.


Through conscious parenting we continually open our hearts to the unique gifts our precious children bring to our lives and the unique gifts we have to offer our children.


Another great being said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”


Acknowledging and participating in your children’s wonder, innocence, purity and love opens the door to the kingdom for you. The Kingdom right here on Earth.


There’s nowhere to go. Consciousness is Consciousness. There’s nowhere to go where you don’t take yourself with you.

My daughter held the door to the kingdom open for me long before the ruler incident.


As I share this, may it remind you of all the times, in whatever ways, your children have held the door open for you.


My daughter was my reawakening into a conscious life. Until age 5, I was conscious. I maintained my childhood innocence, awareness, creativity and openness until I consciously chose to shut it down . . . feeling I was no longer safe to express that way.


Little did I know that deciding to have a child was about to be a personal awakening to something I had long forgot. The reawakening started from the moment her mother and I, out of nothing but pure love, consciously decided to bring a child into our lives.


Another definition of Conscious is: intentionally conceived or done; deliberate.


Two weeks after making the decision, my daughter was consciously conceived in love.


My awakening continued as we contemplated various names for a girl, eventually deciding on Melanie. However, when I looked up the meaning of Melanie I was not pleased. “Black.  Dark.”


As I read those words, something arose from deep inside me and said . . . “no child of mine is going to be called Darkness without being followed by LIGHT" . . . and in that moment her middle name of Dawn arose like the morning sun.


Deep inside me was the awareness, a knowing, that Darkness needed to be followed by Light. The term GURU or teacher means Darkness (GU) followed by LIGHT (RU). I did not know that at the time. I had not been awakened to any form of spirituality. My spirituality was trying to be loving and kind.


Melanie was my first GURU in this lifetime. She was conceived in love, named in love, and born as love.


She was truly born as Love. She was born as and within LIGHT. I was amazed-astonished at her birth. Nothing in my life had prepared for me for what I witnessed. I saw this little being glowing as Golden Red, Saffron Light. The saffron glow was gently swirling all around and through her. She was emanating Golden Red, Saffron Light. Caressed by Golden Red, Saffron Light.


I said to myself . . . "something far more profound than the birth of my daughter is taking place."  I had no idea of what I was witnessing. I had no idea of the Grace and Blessing unfolding before my eyes and entering my life. I had no idea life would never be the same.


Pause for a moment now and, if safe to do so, bring your hands to your heart. Once again, feel the pulsation, the love in your heart and breathe. Connected with your heart, recall the first time you saw or held your child or children. Remember the feelings. Remember the love.


Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone remembered and felt this same love for their children each and every moment as the trials and challenges, gifts and blessings, of raising children unfold over time? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone felt this same love for everyone else in the world at all times?


That’s the world we are creating. That’s the world of Conscious Parenting.


Through conscious parenting we continually open our hearts to the unique gifts our precious children bring to our lives and the unique gifts we have to offer our children.


I invite you to gift yourself the remembrance of precious moments with your children often.


And my precious daughter continued to awaken my slumbering consciousness.


When she was about 2 and riding in the backseat of the car, she started to describe in detail where we were going. Her description perplexed me . . . she was going there for the first time. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I started searching my memory banks to see if I had forgotten when she was there. Back, back, back. "Oh my God, she was there . . . in the womb."


This blew my mind . . . she was opening the door to the kingdom, the kingdom of consciousness, the kingdom of true awareness, a little wider for me. I started to remember things I had only thought of in a high school science class and college anthropology class. Perhaps we are more than our bodies, our thoughts. Perhaps we are aware before birth.


And even though I couldn’t see with my own eyes Melanie’s quote, imaginary friend, sitting on the swing next to her that I couldn’t sit in, I never questioned that she could see them. If I could see angels when singing Swing Lo Sweet Chariot during Bible Class in military school, Melanie could certainly have a friend, invisible to my eyes, in the swing next to her.


Thomas Merton said, “The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”


When Melanie was about 4, she and I went on a road trip to Northern California. At one of the rest stops, immediately upon getting out of the car, she squatted down and started scraping something off the blacktop with her fingers. I immediately asked her to stop.


She immediately turned her little head up, looked me directly in the eyes, and said . . . “how do you expect me to learn what things are if I can’t touch and feel them . . . I’ll wash my hands in the bathroom when I’m done daddy.”


Speechless, I watched her harmlessly investigate this newfound treasure, drop it in the trash, and then wash her hands. Out of the mouths of babes.


One night when she was 6 or 7 and thoroughly enjoying licking the remaining ice cream from a bowl with her tongue, my mother asked her to stop, saying it wasn’t polite or something to that effect. As an obedient child I would have stopped and done what I was told. Melanie, being much more free, willful, and conscious of who she was, looked at her grandmother and said . . . “you’d like to put the whole world in your hip pocket and control it, wouldn’t you Grandma!” . . . and proceeded to finish licking the bowl clean with even more delight. But her delight was just a fraction of the delight I was experiencing at her courage and clarity.


Had that been me as a child, the next thing I would have tasted after a slap on the mouth would have been a bar of ivory soap.


Paramahansa Yogananda once said, "Parents should never nurture fear in their children. The threat of ghosts and scary stories (or in my case the back of a hand and bar of soap) are not the impetus you should use to correct a child's behavior.


You may be impairing the child's outlook on life. Intimidation is harmful, such as, 'If you don't behave, the boogey man will get you,' or to threaten shutting the child in a dark closet (something my grandparents did to my mom who was never able to sleep without a light on the rest of her life).


Yogananda continues . . . “Fear of darkness and of scary ghosts go together. To rouse such fright in a child is terrible; it creates a nervousness that paralyzes the natural progress of the soul.

Parents often impose their wills on their children. Don't break your child's will by always denying his inconvenient requests. It's important that your child develop his will power.

As a child, when I made up my mind that I wanted something that could do me no harm, the members of my family had to consent. I always listened to reason; if ever I was wrong I was willing to be corrected.

When I was right, however, I remained firm even if the whole family united against me.

I will tell you of an experience I had as a baby. A baby usually cries because it feels a physical need. This first expression of will, arising from that need, is called 'physiological will'.  As the baby grows, and the mother directs its will, it expresses 'mechanical' or 'unthinking will'.

I remember being in that state of mechanical will, always doing just as mother told me. Everyone called me an angel. One day when, with my nurse, I saw some little orange-colored candies at a drug store, and I asked my nurse to buy some for me. He refused and took me home.

At home, after having my dinner, I told my mother I wanted some candy. She said, 'No, go to bed'.  A little later I said, 'Mother, I want those little, orange-colored candies'.  'Go to bed', Mother said. Thereupon I cried all the more loudly: 'I want those orange-colored candies!'

I continued in my determination to have my way, unheeding of her appeal. Mother finally had to go and wake up the drug store owner to obtain those candies for me.

I was happy. Why? Because I had exercised my own will power. I found it the most wonderful feeling. The next morning I was called a 'naughty baby', but only because I had exercised my will power."


As conscious parents or parents willing to become more and more conscious, willing to open to the divine gifts our children are presenting to us with each passing moment, we are in a divine parent-child dance, a divine relationship. Our lives are transformed as we nurture and develop our children’s open-ended intelligence, which changes, expands, and creates new patterns and possibilities each moment.


This divine parent-child dance is a tremendous challenge, profound responsibility and blessed privilege.


As Joseph Chilton Pearce shares in his classic book Magical Parent, Magical Child, which, in my opinion, every person on Earth (not just every parent) would benefit from reading, “ . . . in this parent-child dance, affection surrounds us, protects us in an atmosphere of trust, safety, and mutual respect. We listen and observe with great care and clarity, as if just that moment having discovered some unknown treasure.”


The unknown treasures of consciously parenting--consciously playing as children with our children—are infinite. Letting the miracle of each moment unfold magically is how we are designed to live.


One afternoon Melanie and I were on the driveway simultaneously bouncing two tennis balls back and forth to each other. It was play. It was focus. It was delightful. It was thoughtless. It suddenly turned miraculously magical. The tennis balls we simultaneously released bounced into each other—but they didn’t collide. They literally passed through one another as hers continued on to me and mine to her. I couldn’t believe what I saw. "Did I really see that?"


I didn’t say anything at all.  We kept bouncing the balls.  Several bounces later, Melanie, with her lips spread wide in a bright smile, asked . . . “did you see that a little while ago Daddy?” I smiled back with a twinkle of acknowledgement and wonder in my eyes.  We were so at ONE with each other that time, space and physical laws collapsed.


Ashley Montagu, an expert on human development and author of over 50 books, says:

“The truth about the human species is that in body, spirit, and conduct we are designed to grow and develop in ways that emphasize rather than minimize childlike traits. We are intended to remain in many ways childlike; we were never intended to grow ‘up’ into the kind of adults most of us have become."


What, precisely, are those traits of childhood behavior that are so valuable and that tend to disappear gradually as we grow older?


"Curiosity; imaginativeness; playfulness; open-mindedness; willingness to experiment; flexibility; humor; energy; receptiveness to new ideas; honesty; eagerness to learn; and perhaps the most pervasive and most valuable of all, the need to love. All normal children, unless they have been (adulterated) corrupted by their elders, show these qualities all day, every day.”


Children . . . “ask questions endlessly; ‘Why?’ ‘What is it?’ ‘What’s it for?’ ‘How does it work?’ They watch, and they listen. They want to know everything about everything.”


When Melanie was about 5 we volunteered for several hours in a communal kitchen. I was assigned a specific task and Melanie was not content just being there with me and helping in that way. She went to the center of the kitchen and started observing. Watching everything that was going on. After about 10 minutes of this, she just flowed in to what needed to be done. She watched, she listened, and she knew what to do instinctively like a baby hummingbird leaving the nest.


Listen to these other things Ashley shares about children. “They can keep themselves busy for hours with the simplest toy, endowing sticks and stones and featureless objects with personalities and histories, imagining elaborate stories about them, building sagas that continue day after day, month after month.”


The power of imagining is the foundation of your children’s brilliance and ultimate success.   The power of imagining is the foundation of your children’s brilliance and ultimate success. Albert Einstein said, “If you want your children to be brilliant,
tell them Fairy Tales. If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more Fairy Tales.”


We’ll talk about encouraging and nurturing your children’s brilliance in depth during subsequent Blogs.  

Ashley continues, “They play games endlessly, sometimes carefully constructing the rules, sometimes developing the game as they go along. They accept changes without defensiveness. When they try to accomplish something and fail, they are able to do it another way, and another, until they find a way that works.”


Wouldn’t it be great if we as adults accepted changes without defensiveness? If we didn’t give up too soon? Thank God we’ve been blessed with children to mirror for us what we’ve forgot!


“Children laugh—babies learn to laugh and smile before they can even babble—and children laugh from sheer exuberance and happiness.”


Every one of us has a belly full of laughter. It’s part of our makeup. It’s there for us at all times. It doesn’t need anything or anyone on the outside to trigger it. It exists right below your navel. I invite you to go there and find it. Focus your energy below your navel and feel the laughter that’s bubbling there, just waiting to rise up through your heart and explode through your lips. If you don’t feel it now, practice focusing your attention below your navel until you do.


It’s one of the many secrets of t’ai chi, qigong, aikido, martial arts—focusing below the navel.


One morning following 3 days of chanting and meditating in San Francisco, I drove back to Southern California laughing all the way.  7 hours of laughing.  I laughed so hard that my body turned multiple colors of reds, blues, and purples.  My face.  My hands.


I was afraid to even get out of the car at rest stops—I could stop the laughing for a few minutes but I couldn’t change the colors I was turning. Laughter is so infectious, so healing, so freeing! It’s our nature.


Children also tell the truth—unless they suspect they may be punished for it; they call the shots as they see them. Children soak up knowledge, information, and the feelings of other family members like sponges. We’ll talk further in upcoming shows about how children tune in to what parents are feeling—you really cannot hide anything from your children.


Children are learning all the time; every moment is filled with learning.


All these childlike qualities set forth by Ashley are the most valuable possession we can own. As conscious parents our role is to nurture, cultivate and cherish these childlike qualities, along with our children, every day of our lives.   Our children open doors to the kingdom, present us with gifts of immeasurable wealth, every day.


As Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

And I’m pretty sure he meant the kingdom of heaven that is right here on Earth.

Continued in Blog: Loving, Empowering & Respecting God's Children Continued



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