Conscious Parenting--Loving, Empowering & Respecting God's Children "Continued"


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This is a Continuation! 


Please see the previous Blog: Loving, Empowering &

Respecting God's Children for the first part  . . .


May these words help you and your children embody and radiate love, like rays of

life-sustaining sunshine, as you navigate the unchartered waters

of daily living with clarity, confidence and ease.



Listen to these other things Ashley shares about children. “They can keep themselves busy for hours with the simplest toy, endowing sticks and stones and featureless objects with personalities and histories, imagining elaborate stories about them, building sagas that continue day after day, month after month.”


The power of imagining is the foundation of your children’s brilliance and ultimate success.   The power of imagining is the foundation of your children’s brilliance and ultimate success. Albert Einstein said, “If you want your children to be brilliant,
tell them Fairy Tales. If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more Fairy Tales.”


Ashley continues, “They play games endlessly, sometimes carefully constructing the rules, sometimes developing the game as they go along. They accept changes without defensiveness. When they try to accomplish something and fail, they are able to do it another way, and another, until they find a way that works.”


Wouldn’t it be great if we as adults accepted changes without defensiveness? If we didn’t give up too soon? Thank God we’ve been blessed with children to mirror for us what we’ve forgot!


“Children laugh—babies learn to laugh and smile before they can even babble—and children laugh from sheer exuberance and happiness.”


Every one of us has a belly full of laughter. It’s part of our makeup. It’s there for us at all times. It doesn’t need anything or anyone on the outside to trigger it. It exists right below your navel. I invite you to go there and find it. Focus your energy below your navel and feel the laughter that’s bubbling there, just waiting to rise up through your heart and explode through your lips. If you don’t feel it now, practice focusing your attention below your navel until you do.


It’s one of the many secrets of t’ai chi, qigong, aikido, martial arts—focusing below the navel.


One morning following 3 days of chanting and meditating in San Francisco, I drove back to Southern California laughing all the way.  7 hours of laughing.  I laughed so hard that my body turned multiple colors of reds, blues, and purples.  My face.  My hands.


I was afraid to even get out of the car at rest stops—I could stop the laughing for a few minutes but I couldn’t change the colors I was turning. Laughter is so infectious, so healing, so freeing! It’s our nature.


Children also tell the truth—unless they suspect they may be punished for it; they call the shots as they see them. Children soak up knowledge, information, and the feelings of other family members like sponges. We’ll talk further in upcoming shows about how children tune in to what parents are feeling—you really cannot hide anything from your children.


Children are learning all the time; every moment is filled with learning.


All these childlike qualities set forth by Ashley are the most valuable possession we can own. As conscious parents our role is to nurture, cultivate and cherish these childlike qualities, along with our children, every day of our lives.   Our children open doors to the kingdom, present us with gifts of immeasurable wealth, every day.


As Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

And I’m pretty sure he meant the kingdom of heaven that is right here on Earth.


The highest expression of human love and creativity is conscious parenting. The greatest gift we can give our children is letting them be, creating the space for them to be, their own unique expression of the One Love and Light we all are—a shining golden petal on the Lotus of Humanity.


Each conscious action of each conscious parent, each conscious grandparent, each conscious caretaker, each conscious educator is a significant ripple forming a tidal wave of love that will eventually sweep everyone who has or is thinking of having children into the ocean of conscious parenting.


Driving Melanie home from preschool one afternoon, I asked . . . "do you know how beautiful you are?"


There was no reply.


I continued . . . "do you think you’re beautiful because mommy’s beautiful?"


No reply. She kept looking straight ahead as if she didn’t hear a word.


Not realizing I was being led through another door to the kingdom, I continued . . . "do you think you’re beautiful because daddy’s beautiful?"


Again, no reply.


I still had one question left in an attempt to get Melanie to acknowledge her beauty . . . "do you think you’re beautiful because mommy and daddy are beautiful and you come from mommy and daddy?"


At that point, she turned her head and simply said,


“Daddy, all people are beautiful!”


Many of the truths Melanie has blessed me with became the inspiration for the children’s fairy tales I started writing when Melanie was 8 years old. This one is entitled Donut Soul . . . You may like to invite your children to listen in with you . . .


A donut hole,

you cannot see.

Like your SOUL,

it’s invisible to thee.


You’re born as a baby,

who develops into a child

 And then you’re a teen who may be

anything from mild to wild.


When your SOUL wants to be seen

Like the donut around the hole,

It births as a beautiful human being.


But these are just a role— This baby, child, or teen.

You’re really a SOUL that can’t be seen.


And though you may play another role

As a cousin, sister, or brother,

 You’re really an infinite SOUL

And not something other!


Bodies are like a costume

We put on at Halloween

 That allows our SOUL to bloom

Into something that can be seen.


A SOUL that shines so brilliant and bright

And lights up a body for all to see.

 Black, brown, yellow, red or white—

A SOUL cares not the color its skin may be.


Looking out through eyes

Colored brown, green or blue

 Is a SOUL that never dies—

The one and only—real YOU!


An infinite SOUL you are,

Regardless of the age you may be,

 Shining like a brilliant star

Upon the sea of humanity.


Behind our faces

Which look so diverse

 Our hearts hold embraces

Of souls, part of one universe.


A SOUL you are

As I am too

 It’s really quite bizarre

When we think we are two.


So a donut has a hole

And you have a SOUL!


A donut you see

And a SOUL you don’t see.


You are what you see

You are what you don’t see.


So you see,

There’s a SOUL in YOU,



It’s really quite easy to see

That SOUL in YOU, that SOUL in ME.


It’s so, so easy to see,

That SOUL in YOU, that SOUL in ME.


It’s so very easy to see,

That SOUL in YOU, that SOUL in ME.


All you need do is simply be,

Loving all equally!


Once again, if it’s safe to do so, please close your eyes and/or bring one or both of your hands to your golden heart and focus on the vibrations of your heart.


Feel the pulsations.


Feel as if every pore of your being is vibrating with the Golden Love of your soul.


Feel this Golden Love as you silently inhale Ham and verbally exhale SAA.


This Golden Love of your Soul is the same Golden Love pulsating as the soul of your children, beloved and family members.


Visualize your children and each family member. See their bodies as Golden Temples housing their Golden Souls.


As your breath silently moves in and out, feel the pulsations of your Golden Soul aligning with, moving in rhythm with the Golden Souls of your Children, your Beloved, and all the other Golden Souls listening to this Show.


Feel the vibration of this Universal Golden Soul now in your very own heart.


Keeping your hands at your heart, return your awareness to your breath and take several long deep inhales and long slow exhales.


We've touched on some of the gifts of conscious parenting. Each day during the coming week, I invite you to remember the brightly wrapped gifts your children have handed you. Keep your consciousness focused on the positives. What we think about is reflected in and as our bodies and life experiences. Perhaps you could write these gifts, these treasured moments, down in a Conscious Parenting Journal you create.


I also invite you to practice SAFE—Stop, Acknowledge, Feel and Expand.


I invite you to honor and nurture your own childlike qualities amidst the myriad of activities you do in creating a loving home for your family.


Conscious parenting is a simultaneous relationship with our outer children as well as our own inner child. It’s a constantly evolving, ever new, unconditional, loving relationship that embraces every aspect of life—self-growth, lifestyle, wellness, inspiration, spirituality, play, and community.


I invite you to sit quietly for a few minutes and allow the energies we’ve co created to assimilate and integrate. Balancing all movements and activities of the day with short pauses for integration between them has a profound effect on our physiology and mental wellbeing.


With divine blessings of love, light, gratitude, bliss and health in every moment of your precious and beautiful life streaming from my soul to your soul, from my heart to your heart, within the ONE INFINITE LOVE we are, enjoy each moment consciously.



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