Embodying Reverence for All Life "Continued"


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This is a Continuation! 


Please see the previous Blog: Embodying Reverence

for All Life, for the first part  . . .



May these words help you and your children embody and radiate love, like rays of

life-sustaining sunshine, as you navigate the unchartered waters

of daily living with clarity, confidence and ease.



One day, over 40 years after I left military school, I found myself thinking about the uniforms we had to wear. Then I remembered those uniforms had to be ironed, pressed wrinkle free, every day. I suddenly felt so much love and appreciation for my mom who sometimes stayed up into the wee hours of the morning ironing so my uniforms would be fresh each day.


Margaret Cousins once said, “Appreciation can make a day - even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”


Let’s appreciate everyone and everything within the Great Circle of Life at all times.


Let’s share those appreciations with our words, loving smiles, and shining eyes for as someone else once said . . . “love your parents and treat them with loving care, for you will only know their value when you see their empty chair.”


Mother Teresa once said, “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”


You can help satisfy this tremendous hunger for love and appreciation and embody reverence for all life with The Breath of Soul. We started this last week and were interrupted part way through by an internet outage.


The Breath of Soul is so enjoyable and powerful I want you to have every part of it. Practiced daily it will help you and your children command and use your bodies, minds, hearts, and soul power to enrich your lives—to enrich the lives of others in this Great Circle of Life.


The Breath of Soul will ignite your hearts and develop your will power.


It will help you feel happy, joyful, and blissful.


It helps make dreams and wishes come true!


It’s a wonderful way to feel your connection within the Great Circle of Life.


You can do this standing up or sitting down.


If it’s safe to do so where you are now, lift up your left hand and look into your palm. Lovingly invite your soul to come right there in the palm of your hand. You may feel it as warmth, tingles, or even cold. You may even see it as shimmering light.


It’s OK too if you don’t see or feel it at first. You will as you continue to do this.


Know your soul is right there in the palm of your left hand.   Have full faith!


Now, if safe to do so, lift up your right hand and look into that palm. Lovingly ask everything else in all of creation to be there in your right palm.



Everything--Everything visible and everything invisible. Everything in the Great Circle of Life.


All the people, plants, animals, oceans of the world, and all the stars, planets and other objects in the sky.


They have a soul too--just like you.


They are the mirror of your soul. All these things are really just like you--they only look different. Wherever you look, you really see only you!!!!


Now, face both your palms toward each other. Your soul in one hand. Everything else in creation, the mirror of your soul, in the other hand.


Looking into the space between your palms, imagine you are holding a ball of golden light right there between your palms.


Fill that golden ball of light with all the love of your heart. As you breathe in, imagine your heart filling up with all the love you are.


As you breathe out, send this love from your heart through your arms and hands into the golden ball. You may even see or feel this golden energy.


With each breath of love you send from your heart, the golden ball grows bigger and bigger in your palms.


Imagine this golden ball is sitting in the center of a rainbow colored infinity symbol. An infinity symbol looks like the number 8 turned on its side.


With each breath, see this rainbow colored infinity symbol getting bigger and bigger until it reaches out into the Universe.


Now, think of one wish you want to make. Imagine this wish is right there in the center of the golden ball of energy, which is in the center of the rainbow colored infinity symbol that’s as big as the universe.


Imagine there is a straw going from your lips to the center of this wish and sip that wish up through the straw into your whole body. Now, let your breath out with a long Sahhhhh!


Feel that wish vibrating in every cell of your body.


Think of a second wish you want to make. It can even be the same wish as your first one. Imagine that wish is right there in the center of the golden ball of energy, in the center of the rainbow infinity symbol.


Dip your straw into the center of this wish and sip the wish into your whole body. Let your breath out with a long Sahhhhh!


Feel that wish living in every cell of your body.


That’s two wishes. Let’s do one more and make it three.


Imagine your third wish is right there in the center of the golden ball of energy, in the center of the rainbow infinity symbol.


Dip your straw into the center of this wish and sip the wish into your whole body. Let your breath out with a long Sahhhhh! Feel that wish living in every cell of your body.


Now let’s shower the entire world with love. Take a big breath in, turn both your palms out (fingers up toward the sky), push your hands out away from your body, exhale Sahhhhh and offer your love to the entire world.


Now, imagine there are streams of golden energy coming out the tips of each of your fingers and thumbs. Imagine, feel, this golden energy surrounding you, enveloping you, in a cocoon of golden angel wings—a cocoon of golden love. You may really see or even feel this!


Now turn your palms towards you and scoop all this golden love into your heart.


Take a deep breath in and notice how you feel!


The Breath of Soul is very powerful. It will produce tangible results.


You will be able to see, feel, and hear the vibrations of your soul as easily as you see your body.


You will be able to use these soul vibrations to strengthen your heart, body and mind.


You’ll be able to use these soul vibrations to make your dreams and loving wishes come true.


You will be able to use these soul vibrations to let everyone in the world feel the love of their soul too.


Remember what Serge Kahili King said: “We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe. Therefore, everything one does as an individual affects the whole. All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings, and deeds are listened to by all that is.”

Every time you bless yourself with the Breath of Soul, you are blessing everyone and everything in all of Creation.


I invite you to enjoy the Breath of Soul as a family every day.


George Washington said, “Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”


The Breath of Soul will make your family a formidable army of love.


You can further empower your wishes and dreams by sharing them with each other out loud. You can also decide on a family wish or dream beforehand and have everyone make the same wish—creating a super wish.


I invite you to enjoy the Breath of Soul 3 times a day for the first week, two times a day the next week and once a day every day thereafter.


As you lovingly embody this powerful practice deeper and deeper within yourself, it will bring many miracles into your life.


Marianne Williamson says, “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.”


Let the Breath of Soul spring forth from the Infinite Love of your Hearts and Souls.


Swami Vivekananda says, “Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin; to say that you are weak, or others are weak.”


In The Twelve Gifts for Healing, Charlene Costanzo said: “No matter who we are, where we live, what we look like, the circumstances of our birth or the situations we face; each of us has gifts within us. Strength, beauty, courage, compassion, hope, joy, talent, imagination, reverence, wisdom, love and faith are among them. They are not like material presents we unwrap and hold in our hands. We can’t see these gifts with our eyes. But they are real and powerful. When we open ourselves to them, they can enrich every aspect of our lives. They can help us transform challenges into opportunities and tragedies into triumphs. They can help us make a difference in the world.”


Activities like the Breath of Soul; embracing everyone and everything, including yourselves, in the Great Circle of Life; sharing your appreciations of one another; seeing God in each other, and telling stories help you and your children embody reverence for all life, help you and your children make a difference in your worlds and the world at large.


One of the greatest Masters to ever walk this Earth and show us how to embody reverence for all life was Jesus. While the Bible says Moses revealed God’s Ten Commandments, it also says that Jesus gave us the greatest Commandment—Love One Another.


From John 13:34, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.”


In a moment, I’ll share a Fairy Tale of The Heart, titled Love One Another, that offers ways we can truly love our selves and one another.


It’s told from the perspective of Bliss Beary Bear Who Comes To Earth from the Great Bear Constellation In A Blue Pearl Star Ship To Educate, Entertain and Inspire Children Of All Ages.


Bliss Beary Bear Helps Children Explore Values, Resolve Conflicts, Enhance Their Creativity and Understand the Fast-Paced World They Live In and Much More!


You can find Love One Another and over 50 other Fairy Tales of the Heart featuring Bliss Beary Bear in this website's Store.   These unique, modern day fairy tales weave fantasy, reality, myth and mystery into an educational, entertaining, inspirational and heart-warming experience for children of all ages.


Invite your children to join us as Bliss Beary Bear shares ways to Love One Another.


Before we do though, think of ways to honor and love your self, your children, your family, your friends and everyone in your life.


Think of ways you can express your appreciation for your self, your children, your family, your friends and everyone in your life, everyone in the Great Circle of Life.


In their own unique ways, all spiritual traditions and religions encourage us to embody reverence for all life, to love one another.


Remember: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.”


In the Fairy Tale of The Heart, Love One Another, Bliss Beary Bear shares ways we can truly love one another.


As my Blue Pearl Star ShipTM silently sliced through the twinkling heavens one evening, after a wonderful day helping some children on Planet Earth, I felt the vibrations of The Great BearTM.  


Vibrations that He wanted to see me as soon as I returned to the Constellation.


"Well, there goes my warm bath!" I thought.


"Indeed!" The Great Bear confirmed, as my Star Ship suddenly stopped at the mouth of His cave.


"Tell me, Bliss Beary," He began, "are you enjoying your assignment to Planet Earth?"


"Oh, very much so!" I replied, a tear trickling from one eye as my heart flashed back on all the wonderful people I had met.


"Suppose you could never go back?" The Great Bear asked.


"What?" I gasped, as His question caught me totally off guard.


"Suppose you could never go back?" He repeated.


Silence suddenly overwhelmed me as my mind quickly searched for an answer.


“What will I do?”


“I must surely tell the children of Earth I won't be back!”


“I must tell them there'll be no more Fairy Tales Of The Heart.”


“But how?"


"Oh, Great Bear," I finally addressed,


"You who keeps all celestial bodies— suns, moons, planets, comets, and galaxies—rotating harmoniously through space.”


“You who loves everyone and everything equally.”


“You who can make wishes come true.”


“If I can never again return to Planet Earth, I would like to write the children one last letter."


"A letter?" The Great Bear prodded.


"Yes, a letter!" I affirmed. "A super duper special letter for which I need your help."


"Your wish is my command!" He replied.


"I want the whole Planet to see my words—all at once.   I . . ."


Suddenly, before I could complete my request, My Magical Heart began to pulsate and glow, framed by a silver‑white mist.


Though I had witnessed its miraculous opening millions of times before, this surely was something super duper special.


As rays of the most brilliant, almost blinding, silver-white light poured out, an eclipse drew a blanket of darkness around the entire world.


An empty tube, resembling a giant stick of chalk, appeared in my right paw.


Then, as if sucked up by a giant vacuum cleaner, every star and comet in the Universe rushed to fill that tube with Star Shine.


"Whoa!" My mouth opened in wonder.


The Great Bear had transformed the entire Universe into a dark canvas and given me a pen of Star Shine to write my letter!


In the split‑second before my letter glittered across the darkened skies, people on Planet Earth froze in their tracks.


Lights went out.


Every­thing stopped.


No power—anywhere!


Storms stopped dead in their tracks.


As my letter began, only television and radios started working.


Newscasters around the world urged people outside to witness the extraordinary event.


'Dear children. I bring you greetings from The Great Bear.


Every star in the Universe unites, asking you to be patient with one another.


Asking you to—take time.


Time to . . .


Understand one another.


Comfort one another.


Show reverence for one another and all life.


Uplift one another. Cooperate. Pool your immense and unique talents for the good of all.


Lay beneath a tree, gazing into the mosaic of green leaves, brown branches, blue sky, and puffy white clouds.


Stand on a mountaintop, allowing the wind to whistle through your pores.


Kneel to the ground, observing the rhythm of marching ants as they, grain by grain, move mountains here and there.


Watch a bee dive into the heart of a flower.


Listen to the birds chirping in praise of their musical inheritance.


Watch a dog stretch.


Place a rock in your palm, wrap your fingers around it, and feel its unique vibration pulsate up your arm.


Lean your back against a tree trunk, feeling the life force, the sap, rushing up your spine.


Hug a tree!


Let the Sun's rays pierce your body, filling every cell with the warmth, the light, the power of the sun itself.


Inhale the fragrance of a rose through your nostrils, swirling it about the top of your head.


Sit and stare into the distance, amazed at all the creations lying before you.


Gaze at the stars, imagining them to be pinholes in the box top of space through which you can peer into infinity.


Really smell the freshness of rain.


Swing to and fro, getting lost in the motion of your pumping legs.


Watch each step as you walk.


Listen to and feel a cat's purr of affection.


Watch the cycle of the Moon as She fills Herself to the brim and then empties Herself of the old so She can once again fill with the new.


Meld your skin with that of your baby—the soft purity with which you were born.


Wonder at the leaves swaying in the breeze. Notice how they go with the flow.


Laugh so hard you become laughter itself.


Gaze into someone's eyes to the space behind the eyes.


Be quiet.


Rest often.


Play often.


Enjoy your family and friends.


Thank Mother Earth for supplying you with water to drink, soil to grow your food, and air to breath.


Marvel at how soil, water, and sunshine combine to transform a seed into a tree.


Appreciate how the sole goal of a rose bush is to produce a rose.


Be happy with whatever comes to you, not wanting anything.


Let it all be, not objecting to anything that happens.


Taste the freshness of snow as it melts in your mouth.


Marvel at a darting butterfly or creeping caterpillar. Are they not the same?


Let the soothing sounds of the ocean's waves roll through the spaces of your mind.


BE with yourself.


Ask yourself why you're there on that beautiful blue and white Planet simultaneously suspended in and shuttling through space.


Take time to be with nature.


Observe! Stop participating in the game of your own life.


Take time each day to pretend you know absolutely nothing.


Pretend you are a newborn child. Everything is fresh. Everything is new.


Be.  Be love. You are love. You are.  Be.  Don't judge.  Just be.  Just love.


Ask for nothing—but treasure everything.














Before I could tell the children I would no longer come to Earth, My Magical Heart began to close.


Stars and comets streamed back to their homes in the sky as Earth returned to Her normal cycle of day and night.


People everywhere were stunned.


Blank stares filled everyone's eyes.


Something had happened.


What, they didn't know!


But a star‑filled message had penetrated every cell of their bodies.


Life on Planet Earth was about to change—to take on new meaning.


The commandment of a Master Teacher from long ago was alive again—LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


And me! I was in awe!


Never . . . Ever, in my wildest dreams did I imagine The Great Bear had that much power.


When words wound their way up to my throat, I sighed, "But I didn't even tell them it was I who sent the letter or that I wouldn't be back to Earth."


Pulling me in close with a giant Great Bear hug, The Great Bear said, "You will still travel to Earth for some time. My question earlier was merely a test."


"A test?" I repeated.


"Yes, a test." He replied.  "A test to see if you would groan about the possibility of not returning to Earth or use it to its utmost advantage."


"Advantage?" I repeated, not totally understanding The Great Bear's meaning.


"Just like you did!" He smiled. "To share a message of unity, of love, with all people of Earth—a message they'd never forget."


With that He pulled me up against His huge belly.


And, oh my!


Wonder of wonders.


It was as if I had fallen into the origins of the Universe.


Stars! Light brighter than a thousand suns! Peace! Bliss! Pure ecstasy! Star shine filled my entire being!


And, like the people of Planet Earth, I too knew I'd never be the same!


With wishes for your everlasting happiness and peace,


With prayers for peace among all people, and


With great love and respect for your individual journey through life,




Albert Einstein said, “If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales. If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales.”


And if you want them to be super human beings, viread Fairy Tales of the Heart.


If you have any reflections or questions, I’d love to hear from you at timothy@healthykidshappyfamilies.com


With divine blessings of love, light, gratitude, bliss and health in every moment of your precious and beautiful life streaming from my soul to your soul, from my heart to your heart, within the ONE INFINITE LOVE we are, may you constantly embody reverence for all life.



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