Empowering Your Children BEFORE Birth!





“Listening to, reading, and acting out stories are
essential to every child’s development . . .

A development that starts before birth.”

Kids Health Guide for Parents, Elizabeth Bass and Medical Doctors 

Steven A. Dowshen and Neil Izenberg






Because Your Children’s Future is Being Sculpted in the Womb,
Even Before Their Birth, Based on the Words, the
Sound Vibrations, They Hear in the Womb,
We Encourage You To Read the
“Fairy Tales Of The Heart”
and Some of the Other
Exercises in
“The Magical Miracle Of You”
To Your Children Starting
About 5 Months Into
Your Pregnancy.




Establishing a Family Reading Program,
Even Before Your Children Are Born,
Is Crucial to Their Development
And Success in Life!






Swiss Biologist-Psychologist Jean Piaget
Observed That The . . .


“Construction of knowledge whereby newborn infants build up
neural patterns in the brain by which their world picture
and capacity of response to that picture forms
actually begins somewhere around
the fifth natal month.


From about the seventh month in the womb,
an infant ‘imprints’ to the speech
used by his/her mother.”




How AMAZING Is That!


Your Unborn Child’s Development and Future Success Is Shaped By
Your Loving, Caring Voice Reading Stories
To Them Even Before Birth.







Knowing How Every Sound, Every Word, Every Story Your
Children Hear, Both Before and After Their Birth,
Tremendously Influences Their Development,
Behavior, Brilliance, and Future Success,
Every Facet of

“The Magical Miracle Of You”
“Fairy Tales Of The Heart”

Are Carefully Coordinated—
From the Words Used, the Tone of Those Words, the Structure
Of the Sentences, the Absence of Violence, and More.



“The Magical Miracle Of You”

Helps Develop and Empower Your Children’s Bodies,

Minds, Hearts & Souls Before Birth and Beyond!