Kid's Yoga & T'ai Chi--Creating Healthy, Loving Relationships



Empowering Children!




Creating Healthy, Loving Relationships


Did you know that healthy children laugh about 300 times a day?


It's natural to have fun and imitating animals--experiencing the wondrous ways their bodies can twist, bend, move, and freeze in stillness-and feeling energy flowing in their body is truly joyful for children and, for that matter, adults.


Regardless of our age, we all need to experience our inner child, exercise our imaginations, and play.


The yoga and t'ai chi practice of imitating Power Animals is for children of ALL ages!


Frolicking along with your children will uncover many tangible and intangible treasures for your family.


Studies show children crave disciplined play and love to play with adults.  Many children lack confidence in their exercise abilities and appreciate adult supervision and encouragement.


Frolicking together can strengthen their trust and friendship with you and help you rekindle those memories of joyful childhood games, innocence, freedom and silliness.


Praising your children for their animal frolicking efforts with encouraging comments, personal compliments, or a pat on the back will increase their self-confidence and satisfaction with exercise.


Telling them they are doing a great job is one of the best ways to keep them doing a great job.  And, giving a reason for your comment increases the value even more.


There's no right or wrong in the Power Animal "Playground".


When advice or criticism is given emotionally or when a child is afraid of being accused, they become very resistant.


When they see a smiling face and hear a soft praise, a child opens their heart and mind to the opportunity present.


Children also love challenges and learning to twist, turn, move and stand very still like a Power Animal creates many challenges.


See how long they can stand still like a dear in the forest--a deer that has seen a tiger.


Or have them make up sounds an assertive dragon might make, or a baby deer that just brushed against a thorn.


The key is to simply be and play with your child!


Spending some time before and after frolicking enthusiastically talking with your children can be a wonderful way of opening up communication channels with them.


It will give you insights into what makes them tick!


Most of all, let Power Animal smiles spread across your faces, laugh and have fun.


Pretending to be a Power Animal can be done anywhere--a house, yard, or park. It can even be done waiting in lines and it doesn't require any special equipment or a lot of space.


Create a special Power Animal playtime.  Make them as regular as getting up in the morning, brushing teeth, eating, bathing and reading bedtime stories.


Pretending to be Power Animals on a regular basis will create a very healthy, loving relationship with your children as it helps them embody the playfulness, courage, strength, love, internal power, agility, balance, patience, focus, freedom, grace, alertness, calmness, and natural, robust health inherent in a healthy power animal.




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