Power Animal Frolic Your Way To Health and Longevity

Over 1900 Years of Proven Benefits



Ancient Origins Of




Several Centuries Before Yoga or T’ai Chi were Originated, One of
China’s Greatest Physicians, Hua Tuo (110-207 AD), had the
Brilliant Idea of Imitating Power Animals to Achieve

Optimum Physical and Mental Health.



Hua Tuo, known as “The Father of Chinese Medicine” and
the “Magical Doctor”, lived to be nearly 100 years old
in excellent health before being put to
death by a misguided emperor.



In the Chronicles of the Later Han Dynasty,
it is said that:

“Knowing well the way to keep one in good health, Hua Tuo
still appeared in the prime of his life when
he was almost 100, and so was
regarded as immortal.”




This remarkable physician’s Animal Frolics became a staple of
modern Chinese culture and medical qigong in the 1960‘s
through the efforts of a noted Beijing actress
and artist, Guo Lin (1906-1984).


After doctors pronounced her uterine cancer inoperable and gave 
her six months to live, she practiced the Animal Frolics
for 2 hours every morning.


In Six Months, The Cancer Was GONE!


Guo Lin later became a national hero for introducing
the Animal Frolics into hospitals and clinics
throughout China.




Hua Tuo’s Power Animals were a Crane, Deer,
Monkey, Tiger and Bear.



Thunderilla–The Chi Gong Gorilla
Flame–The Fear Eating Dragon
were added to the Power Animal Frolics Yoga DVD so
your children could receive the benefits of five
additional qigong practices that have been
transforming people’s lives for
hundreds of centuries:

 18 Form Qigong 

Swimming Dragon 

 Master Yan’s Daily Set 

 Luohan Patting Method 

Cranio-Sacral Dragon–once reserved for China’s Royalty 


We also use Eagle Heart™ in this playful Yoga Dvd to 
perform the original crane movements



The Power Animal Frolics Yoga Dvd for Children Weaves
Six of the Famous Mayo Clinic’s Top Ten
Complementary Medical Treatments . . .


T’ai Chi 


 Music Therapy 

 Guided Imagery 

 Embracing Their Spirit . . . 

Into an Unsurpassed, Playful Program for Your Children.



Dr. Oz Shares in the Mayo Clinic’s Endorsement:

“For thousands of years people around the world have developed 
alternative therapies to treat the body,
mind, and the soul . . .

This is the area of Energy Medicine.”



And Now, Thanks to Creative and Revolutionary Teaching 
Approaches Like This Power Animal Frolics Yoga DVD, 
Your Children Can Enjoy


 of Hua Tuo’s Animal Frolics  
and Other Anceint Qigong and Yoga Practices.



Dr. Oz Also Tells Us . . .

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong.”

“Yoga is the most important exercise of my daily routine.”



Dr. Kenneth Sancier Sums It Up . . .

“The main conclusion from many studies is that
Qigong enables the body to heal itself.”



Dr. Andrew Weil . . .

who recommends both Qigong and T’ai Chi as part of a program of
health maintenance that is suitable for nearly anyone, states:

“Yoga is one of the best forms of non aerobic exercise that can
improve muscle tone, flexibility, and balance . . .
it will also make them calmer and
more balanced emotionally
and spiritually.”



Functional Medicine Dr. Mark Hyman,
Author of the best selling book,
The Blood Sugar Solution

“Tai Chi is a wonderful . . . art that many benefit from” while
“ . . . yoga offers a comprehensive physical workout,
improves flexibility, and helps relax
the body and mind all at
the same time.”



By Encouraging Your Children to Mimic Their Favorite
Power Animal A Few Minutes Every Day,
They Will Be Getting What One
Chinese Master called . . .

“ . . . the most advanced achievement in body exercise and
mind conditioning ever to be developed.”



My 35+ Years of Yoga, T’ai Chi and Qigong Experience

CONFIRMS This is So True!!!



For Some Specific Benefits That Can Be Enjoyed Practicing
The Power Animal Frolics,
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