Resolving Childhood Obesity Through Yoga & T'ai Chi


Empowering Children!





Resolving Childhood Obesity

The yoga and t'ai chi practice of imitating Power Animals is the oldest form of exercise known.


It is also a safe, fun, and effective way to combat childhood obesity-an epidemic growing faster than an uncontained wildfire!


David Katz of the Yale School of Medicine stated that "Children growing up today will suffer more chronic disease and premature death because of the way they eat and their lack of physical activity than from exposure to tobacco, drugs, and alcohol combined."


It's no secret children are eating much more high calorie, sugar and chemical laden, highly processed food than you and I did as children.


It's also no secret that our children do not get the same amount of exercise at school or from daily walking and playing that you and I did as children!


Pretending to move, play, twist, turn, and freeze like Power Animals can provide a significant portion of the exercise your children need to be happy and healthy.


The Chi or vital energy generated naturally and easily while pretending to be a Power Animal literally "heats up" the body. It melts away bodily excesses!


Frolicking like a Power Animal is a natural fat fighter!


As your children mimic their favorite Power Animals, they are effortlessly taking on the animals' natural, robust health.


That may be sleek and graceful like a deer, trim and strong like a tiger, quick and agile like a monkey, or bulky and powerful like a gorilla. But it won't be overweight and out of shape.


According to recent studies, 10% of newborns to 2 year olds are overweight.


This increases to 20% of our children ages 2 to 5 and 30% of our children ages 6 to 11.


Over 15% of these overweight children are obese.


In a recent 25 year span of time, childhood obesity has quadrupled.


Even children under the age of 10 now have Type 2, or what was previously known as, "Adult Onset" Diabetes.


And this burden of weight isn't something children outgrow! Overweight adolescents have a 70% chance of becoming overweight or obese adults.


This burden isn't just a physical problem either.


According to researchers, overweight children face tremendous, unrelenting bias from their peers, parents, and teachers as early as age 3.


So much so, that these children have a quality of life score comparable to children with cancer.


Overweight children are also more likely to suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, asthma, orthopedic complications, brain tumors, low self esteem, gallstones, sleep and eating disorders, Type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure than children of normal weight.


According to one researcher, "They even feel like they are a different species."


By encouraging your children to play like a Power Animal, their feelings of well being and self worth will soar like an eagle and help keep them from over indulging in food, bad habits, mood swings, and harmful substances.


Have you ever seen an obese animal in the wild?


Animal frolicking is a natural obesity obliterator!


Like animals in the wild, Power Animal children will start to naturally choose healthy living habits, exercises, fruits, vegetables, water, and other foods that are good for their body-provided, of course, you give them choices that include those beneficial exercises, foods, and liquids.



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