Featuring Beloved and

Colorful Characters

These Tales 

Contain Beloved, Unique and
Original Characters 

That You & Your Child Will ADORE! 

Characters That Inspire, Instill Values, and 

Help Children 

Achieve Their Full Potential Now 

And As Adults!

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All Roses Are Beautiful--Thorns & All!


A Beautiful Rose talks to a boy who’s been called some names, sharing lessons 

on pity, truth, gossip, confidence, assumptions, 

trusting our heart and beauty!

Blowing Bubbles In The Wind


Love, faith, trust, intentions, staying centered, looking beyond outer appearances and 

more are shared as a Curious Bubble floats in the sky 

discovering its true nature.

Dogananda Barks & Catananda Purrs

Tale 1 

When Is A Treat NOT A Treat?



A cosmic, comic conversation between some enlightened furry friends, 

Catananda and Dogananda, explores the behaviors, peculiarities and

endearing traits of our most precious friends in life, dogs and cats,

 and how we can nurture them and ourselves in ways 

we might not have previously considered.

Dogananda Barks & Catananda Purrs 

Tale 2

When Is A Treat A THREAT?



The delightful and insightful cosmic, comic conversation between our 

enlightened furry friends, Catananda and Dogananda, explores

more of the behaviors, peculiarities and endearing traits of

our most precious friends in life, dogs and cats, 

and how we can nurture them and ourselves.

Donut Soul


This humorous and powerful poetic Tale uses a donut hole to explore 

the wonders of our Soul, the visible versus the invisible parts of us.

Freddie The Field Mouse


Suddenly finding himself in a mouse's body, a boy learns about dares, friendship, 

trust, fear, sharing, jumping to conclusions, 

listening to his heart and much more.

Laughter Is


The life of the one and only red leaf on a tree is the background for this Tale about 

our innocence, gossiping, criticism, laughter, feeling alone, 

kindness, positive attitudes, appreciation and more!

Miracles Are Everywhere


A new BB gun, little boy and a tiny, very magical, hummingbird teach us 

the value of life and the many treasures and miracles that 

are hidden in things children use and see daily!

Pop Goes The Bubble . . . Or Does It?


The life of a Little Soap Bubble, from being contained in a bottle, set free on the winds 

by the breath of a little girl, to floating freely in the world, brings lessons 

on clarity, junk food, prejudice, gossiping, wasting time, name calling, 

violent shows, the path of least resistance and more!



Undercover Agent Quark is one of the craziest, zaniest looking creatures ever created 

who inspires and speaks “truths” in a matter-of-fact, whacky, whimsical, 

sing-songy way.  Truths that help us humorously explore 

the real gifts and meaning of life.  

Move over Yoda, Quark is here!

The Adventures Of Wet Wiley


The amusing adventures of a snowflake who falls peacefully from the sky, rests atop 

a mountain, and then suddenly starts melting . . . a process that takes it on 

an adventure of learning about helping others, uses of water, 

self awareness, beliefs and letting go of the past.

The Bag Lady


A Very Extraordinary Bag Lady, along with several inconsiderate children, bring lessons 

in kindness, discipline, caring for our bodies, prejudices, respecting others 

and much more!  The Bag Lady has amazing powers contained 

in her ever so humble and fragile being.

The Cave Of Silence


Join Leela the Leopard™, three amazingly hilarious monkeys, a boa and mystical unicorn 

in the Cave of Silence for lessons in love, curiosity, gratitude, 

anger, the beauty of all and much more!

The Mobile That Stopped Dancing


Follow a Touching Hearts Mobile from creation to hanging in a home and learn about 

creating, money, value of asking, loving our work, 

respecting others and their choices and more!

The Pillow Fairy


Misty travels to the Magic Lands with her own special Pillow Fairy who reveals 

the beauty and magic of sleep, along with the treasures 

hidden within this special time.

The Silent Greatness Of Mt. Change


As two mountains shout back and forth, lessons emerge on communication, 

listening to our heart, arguing, sacrificing, the uses of sand 

and achieving our own greatness!

The Teeny Tiny Light

TTLight Final Bottom SMALLESTjpg
As a teeny tiny light, alone in all of creation, uses it’s own internal love to generate the power 

to burst forth into more teeny, tiny lights children learn about the natural growth 

cycle (seedling to tree full of fruit), the creative power within themselves, 

unconditional love, and the sheer joy of creating, 

sharing and being with others.

Worry Mort


The Beary Godfather brings lessons on dreams, worry, letting go of the past, wasting resources, 

giving and receiving, hoarding, sharing, being of service to others and more!  

YABUTS Live In Rountuits 

Yabuts Final Website Adjust Sizejpg

When a child is not given the love, encouragement, support, and all the other 

nourishment it needs, defense mechanisms and other nonproductive 


habits and patterns develop that will follow them into adulthood.  

These habits and patterns can and will prevent them 

from achieving their full potential 

in all areas of life.  


This delightful Fairy Tale about one of the craziest looking creatures you’ll 

ever see (a YABUT) tells the story of how YABUTS come to be, how they behave, 

and MOST OF ALL what we can do to help them and 

to prevent more YABUTS from developing.