Birthday and Holiday

Themed Tales

You and Your Child Will Cherish These

 Tales With Birthday and 

 Holiday Themes!

They Inspire, Instill Values, and Help Children

Achieve Their Full Potential 

Now and As Adults!

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A Hummingbird & Elephant Thanksgiving 

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Hop on board the train of Giving Thanks with Bliss Beary Bear, Zippity-Do-Dah 

  Hummingbird and Triumphant Elephant as every day, for eight days, 

they share different ways to form a deeper connection with family, 

friends, all life and the blessings in our lives 

through being grateful 

(for the obvious and not so obvious).

A Million Me's  . . . 

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Go on an adventure with a seedling as it's taken from its home in the forest . . . 

as it's replanted in a Christmas Tree lot . . . as the new noises of the 

outer world distract it from the loving, comforting vibrations 

it heard and felt inside . . . as it wrestles with shock, despair, 

self doubt, the judgments of others, anger, 

feeling alone and then, rediscovering 

who it truly is.

Bliss Beary Bear's Birthday Surprise 

Just For You


A visually beautiful Tale showing children of all ages how to really celebrate 

their "birthday" every year, develop their unique gifts, and use 

their imagination to enhance all aspects of their lives.

The Mystery of Santa Claus


Delight in the adventures of Teddy Bear and Snow Queen as a precocious Bengal kitten 

tries to convince her Golden Retriever brother that there is no such thing 

as Santa Claus. 

Everyone, especially those with brothers and sisters, will be amused by the 

back and forth banter and twists and turns in this beautiful story.

Is Santa Claus Real?


This magical and inspiring Santa Tale looks at the powerful blessings of music, 

being discriminate, name-calling, love, faith, world-wide 

holiday celebrations, reindeer magic 

and much more!  

Is Santa Claus Real?  

You may be SURPRISED!

The Christmas Starlight


A seemingly burnt out Christmas bulb brings inspiration and lessons 

on feelings, curiosity, enjoying life like a child, agendas, 

being in the moment and much more!

The Very First Candy Cane


Patience, teamwork, trust, intuition, joy and loving what we do are explored 

as Santa wishes to create something even 

"non believers" will love!