Tales For 

Enhancing Energy, 

Breathing and Inner Power!

These Tales Contain Beloved Characters, Along With Simple, 

Yet Very Powerful Exercises That Will INCREASE 

 Your Energy Levels and Enhance 

Your Life Experience!

They Inspire, Instill Values, and Help You and Your Children

Achieve Your Full Potential In All Endeavors!

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A Birthday Wish


The give and take, sometimes quarrelsome interactions between a brother and sister 

duo set the stage for a magical celebration of feelings, helping one another, 

our “invisible” mind and soul, nonviolent communication, breathing 

exercises for children ages 4-12 and more!

Famous Villains


Given various clues along the way, children try to figure out who may be the 

most dangerous, diabolical Villain of all time (fictional or nonfictional)! 

A Villain who steals their most precious commodity--

their breath, their normal breathing patterns, their life force.

The Golden Treasure Chest


A treasure chest of exercises using sound & movement, with lessons on sibling 

interactions, blaming, teasing, caring for others, feelings, 

tolerance and much, much more!  

This Tale is a continuation of "A Birthday Wish" and contains over a dozen fun 

breathing exercises designed by Internationally Recognized Expert 

on Breathing Classical Vocalist Nancy Zi.

Vision Quest


A delightful butterfly, miraculous rainbow, powerful snake and wise eagle 

teach children empowerment exercises, values and 

how to do their own modern day vision quest.