Tales for Expecting and

New Parents & 

All Adults

 These Tales Were Designed To Be Read To Your Child 

Before Birth and Shortly After!

They Will Get Your Family Off 

To A GREAT Start!

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Dear Mommy & Daddy


This Tale, told from the standpoint of a child within the womb, helps expectant 

and new parents enhance their child's breathing and development 

while snuggled safely in the womb and just after birth.

Welcome To Our Home


Filled with rhymes and amusing facts on how various animals breathe, 

this Tale has exercises for your baby before 

they crawl, walk or play on their own.

God's Gift Of Breath


This delightful Tale has fun and ever so easy to do breathing games and exercises 

for children ages 2 - 6, actions to nurture the wondrous 

gift of breath and honoring people's 



For Parents, Adults 


Older Children

That Will Inspire You To Live In, 

With, For and As Love!  

They Will Help You and Your Children Reach 

Your Full Potential In All Areas of Life!




A baby, about to be born, shares with its parents-to-be that . . .

When we forget who we truly are, when we forget who other people truly are . . . 

mirrors of our self . . . we treat each other in ways that are not loving!  

This baby-to-be also shares ways . . . 

we can all help one another live in the tender innocence of a newborn baby, 

the tender innocence of our hearts and souls . . . how we can live 

in the REMEMBRANCE of our true nature,  instead of the 


The River of Love 



In this beautiful Tale of Unconditional, Enduring Love, we honor and treasure 

our heart which is large enough to embrace, not deny, every 

disappointment, every heart ache, every broken 

heart, no matter how big or small, with love, 

knowing that God and every particle of

 the Universe is constantly unfolding 

to make our dreams come true, 

even if we don’t see it at

any given moment.

The Eyes of Children 

EyesChildrenVertical Final Website Adj Sizejpg

It’s so easy to get up day after day, doing the things we do over and over, 

without pausing to question, what are we doing?  

Is everything I do really in my best interest? 

My child’s best interest?  

My family’s best interest?  

This Tale reminds us to stop and question why we do things to see 

if there may be a more nurturing choice to make.


YABUTS Live In Rountuits 

(Parent Version)

Yabuts Final Website Adjust Sizejpg

When a child is not given the love, encouragement, support, and all the other

nourishment it needs, defense mechanisms and other nonproductive


habits and patterns develop that will follow them into adulthood.  

These habits and patterns can and will prevent them

from achieving their full potential

in all areas of life.  


This delightful Fairy Tale about one of the craziest looking creatures you’ll

ever see (a YABUT) tells the story of how YABUTS come to be, how they behave,

and MOST OF ALL what we can do to help them and

to prevent more YABUTS from developing.

THIS VERSION for parents has some concepts and POETRY that the younger version 

does not contain, giving parents additional tools to help 

develop their children's brilliance!