Fairy Tales  Of The Heart


As a Master Storyteller, I created Bliss Beary Bear and over 80 (and still creating) Fairy Tales of The Heart that empower you and your children . . . to enhance your brilliance and abilities to succeed in whatever brings you joy.  

This Anthology of fun, educational, life-enhancing Tales is imbued with love, wisdom, knowledge, and blessings that WILL transform your lives!  You will feel like a beautiful bright butterfly emerging from a cocoon as you finish each Tale.

They are suitable for children of all ages, parents and caretakers of children, psychologists and other professionals working with children and adults who want to embrace their inner child, and are designed to be read to young children starting with the 5th month in the womb.

All Fairy Tales Of The Heart and other fun programs for your family are
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The inspiration and ideas for Fairy Tales of The Heart available at our 

Fairy Tale Website (linked here) 

have arisen from my daughter; my mom; friends, family, teachers and

 other loved ones; the kitties that have graced my life; nature; 

meditation and prayer; my experiences of the wonders 

and magic of life; and that "inner spark" we all have!



The very gifted and creative genius Albert Einstein said,

 “If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them Fairy Tales.
If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more Fairy Tales.”


Our original "Fairy Tales of The Heart" stimulate your child’s creative
abilities in the most powerful way storybooks can!


They allow your child to “fully exercise” their infinite imagination and 

brilliant mind by creating their own picture 

of what’s happening on a page.


Fairy Tales of The Heart 

Are Far More Than Children’s Storybooks!  


They are designed to enhance your child’s brilliance and overall development
in proven, time-tested ways!


Numerous research studies and child development experts have proven that reading Fairy Tales
to your child develops their brilliance in numerous ways, including Enhanced . . . 

Creativity . . . Imagination . . . Intelligence . . . Self Confidence
Concentration . . . Brain Development . . . Social Skills 


That’s why every facet of these very unique Fairy Tales has been carefully cut, smoothed
and polished like a brilliant diamond—to help you stimulate and strengthen all 
these aspects of your child’s development—your child’s brilliance!

The Words Used, Their Tone, Sentence Structures, Illustrations, 

Review Questions and "Absence of Violence"—Are Designed to 

Expand Your Child’s Infinite Imagination, Brilliant 

Mind and Full Potential.



Creativity heads the lists of proven, profound, long-term benefits because
research clearly shows creative children more easily meet
life’s challenges  and enjoy more successful lives.


Fairy Tales of The Heart stimulates your child’s creative abilities in
the most powerful way a storybook can!  

They allow your child to “fully exercise” their infinite imagination
and brilliant mind by creating their own picture
of what’s happening on a page.



According to Child Development Experts, This Interactive 
 Combination IS Storytelling At Its Finest!


Joseph C. Pierce, internationally acclaimed author, lecturer and
expert on child development, tells us:

“Once toddlers hear those magical words, ‘Once upon a time,’ their wide-open eyes,
riveted on the storyteller, see nothing without—their seeing is entirely within
For within, the creative process of the child’s brain forms pictures, images
that give reality, substance, and life to the vibratory stimulus of the
words.  This ‘learned ability to create internal images’
is one of nature’s highest achievements.” The more
imagination a child has, the more options he or
she has for solving problems and . . .”


You can assist this creative learning process by asking your child what they see 
happening in their imaginations on each page and inviting them to
express their creativity on paper.  You can express yours also!  


In addition to igniting your child’s creative imagination, the values and life lessons 
herein are timeless and cross all age boundaries. 

Down-to-earth explanations, 
poetry, the wonders of Nature and the Universe, timeless wisdom, love 
and fantasy are used to assist children of all ages in exploring 
their uniqueness, resolving conflicts and situations with
 peace and uncovering the golden treasures of life.



These timeless Fairy Tales of The Heart are also noninvasive and can provide
insights into the feelings and mind-workings of children. 


They are a synthesis of fantasy and reality, heaven and earth, the
mysterious and the concrete that inspire everyone to look for
 the freshness, the love, in all situations—
to create win-win situations. 


Psychologist Richard Landis states:

If we tell children what they should or shouldn’t do, it doesn’t have as much impact on 
them as a story because a story builds in the experience. If the story’s told well, 
the child experiences the story.  It’s a way of teaching them about life.”




The questions at the end are also designed to teach your child about life and reinforce 
the values and messages in the Fairy Tales. They help stimulate conversations with
your child that can reveal things near and dear to their heart. How they feel 
about and respond to the characters and situations presented
in the stories can reveal how they feel in general.  


You can use insights gained by paying attention to what words and descriptions 
spark their imaginations and what aspects of the Tale they
keep talking about or imitate in their play to
further guide your child’s development.


As you discuss these Fairy Tales together, you may also discover that each of you
have different viewpoints or inspirations. This will help your child understand that
everybody sees things a little differently,we can all learn from one another
and we can openly embrace different viewpoints.



 Fairy Tales of the Heart

Also Foster Your Child’s Brilliance and Development
Through Fantasy and Myth!

Children historically incorporate heroes into their play. The heroes and heroines in 
these creative Fairy Tales are powerful and proven vehicles for teaching, 
sharing values and discovering one’s own unique talents and self worth.


Award winning children’s author and educator Joan Aiken states:

“A child needs myth to give them a blueprint for behavior and to strengthen their imagination.
Imagination is a necessary faculty and modern living gives it little to feed on.
Myth-type stories furnish three basic ingredients:
reassurance, emotion, and mystery.”



These Contemporary Fairy Tales Help Your Child Understand The 
World Around Them—Why Parents and Peers Do Things.
How Things Work—Get Done.


We live in a Cyber-Space Age where are dealing with far more and rapidly changing
information and sensory input than ever before.   Fairy Tales of the Heart assists
in this learning process on a very practical level as problem solving,
decision-making, explanations and personal achievement

Every time you read a Fairy Tale of the Heart to your child they develop their imagination, 
listen attentively, create and strengthen neural synapses and learn the proper use of 
language and how to visualize—skills that will benefit them throughout life!


Research on early brain development shows that babies and toddlers have a critical need
for direct interactions with parents and significant caregivers, leading to healthy
brain growth and development of appropriate social, emotional
and cognitive skills.  This brain growth and development



Starting a Family Reading Program Even Before a Child’s Birth 
 Is Crucial To Their Development and Success In Life.


Swiss biologist and psychologist, Jean Piaget, says,

“The newborn infant must construct its knowledge of the world, must build up neural patterns
in the brain by which its world picture and capacity of response to that picture form.
This ‘construction of knowledge’ actually begins somewhere
around the fifth natal month.”


Isn’t That Simply Amazing!

The loving vibrations of mom’s voice as she reads loving stories like
Fairy Tales of The Heart to her child, nestled in the womb,
have an immeasurable impact on her child’s life!


One of the things I noticed when reading to my daughter Melanie was that she liked to 
hear the same story over and over again. At the time, I didn’t know why but I 
honored her wishes—even though some of the stories were not ones 
I enjoyed reading repeatedly.  Now that I know WHY she 
intuitively wanted to hear them over and over,
I encourage all parents, grandparents
and caregivers to read our
Fairy Tales
 over and over


Joseph C. Pierce explains this . . .

“Why does the child want to hear the same story over and over ad nausea? New neural fields 
are involved in creating the inner image stimuli each new story stimulates. These fields 
must be stabilized as permanent and repetition brings about the permanency.”



They provide older readers 
with a launching pad to blast off into their own universe of unlimited creativity. They  
help adults unlock buried treasures and mysteries from their own childhood—to 
go beyond programmed beliefs and concepts to being an 
expression of their own unique and full potential.


Our Fairy Tales of The Heart are Truly 

for Children of All Ages!  

I offer my heartfelt gratitude to Roxanna Markey and Marsha Pagenkopp, Ph.D.,
for their loving suggestions and editing! 


From My Heart To Your Heart, May Your Child and You Enjoy Lives
 Filled With Love, Peace, Bliss, Health and 

The Realization of Your Full Potentials.

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