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Now and As Adults!  

 Magical Tales

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ABC's Of Blissful Living


Blissful sun beams bursting with energy explore free will, focus, 

staying healthy, nourishing others, Love, and the “GIFTS” 

they have and can choose to give that 

enrich all of life and more!

Flow Like A River


A fear of moving brings lessons on how all life is in constant flow and change--

from the weather, trees, plants & animals to a young boy’s very own body.

Heart Fire!


A circus trip reveals a lad's Heart Fire dream, his father’s practicality and lessons on 

trust, happiness, appearances, resolving conflicts, 

power of thought and much more!

Hide & Go Seek


Fire hides in wood, trees hide in seeds. 

Children look for the magical spark of love hiding in all humans 

as they explore the hidden treasures of Earth.


Instruments Of Love


A scavenger hunt is the background for lessons on love, patience, 

listening, asking, following instructions, playing without 

creating losers, esteem and much more!

Isn't It Amazing . . . 

Isn't It Incredible?


Using the wonders of nature and our own bodies, this short yet powerful Fairy Tale 

brings home the importance of what actually is important in life 

and what deserves our attention.

Just Because 

{Coming Soon}


Just Because . . . 

someone says something, we can do something or a host of other possibilities

Doesn't mean . . . 

We should, we have to, it's good for us or a host of other conclusions 

we sometimes do not stop to consider!

This Creative Tale 

reminds us to consider what's happening in each moment, 

that we have choices in each moment, and those choices 

can empower us to live happy, healthy, loving lives!

Please Remember . . .

{Coming Soon}


In this Tale, we take a few moments to remember the Gifts and

Blessings Abundant in our Lives and how we can best

use those gifts to Bless the Lives of Others.

You "R" 

The World's Best Magician!

YouRtheWorldsGMag Final Website Adj Sizejpg

Woven within this Tale are simple, fun exercises for children to become 

the World’s Greatest Magician—able to create joy, love, 

and peace at any moment, in any situation.

The Eternal Sphere Of Love


Stargazing, three magical dolphins, a dry riverbed, a puppy and young girl 

share lessons on love, wonder, intuition, self worth, not giving up, 

realizing dreams and much more!

The Gift Of Life


A young boy, bent on “getting even” with his sister during a roller coaster ride, 

reluctantly learns about love, life, sharing, teasing, 

cooperation and much more!

The Mysterious, Magical Button!


This delightful Tale shows children the uses of buttons in everyday life and 

how they have their own Magical Button right within their body--

a Magical Button with powers to help them every day.

The Power Of Words


A little boy who loves to sing shows how words have the power to heal or 

destroy, courage and helping others helps yourself, one 

should never give up and much more!

The Treasure Chest Of Tears


A foot race and scraping fall bring lessons on sickness, name calling, 

expressing feelings, beneficial uses of water and tears, 

and flowing with things that cannot be changed!

The Watermelon Tree


Watermelon Tree creatively shows children that they are perfect, just as they are, 

with unique strengths they can develop to be happy 

 and create a harmonious world.

There's ONLY ONE YOU . . . 

Says The Magic Mirror!

TheresOnlyOneYou Website Reduced Adj Sizejpg

This Tale uses the Magic Mirror On The Wall from Snow White to show and give 

your children the experience that they are the FAIREST of ALL 

(along with everyone else); show how they and everyone 

else has unique talents, gifts, and thoughts; and 

give them fun practices to really embody their 

full potential, their full love, and 

 help others do the same.

Topsy Turvy



A wondrous eagle of sparkling light appears to help two children 

discover their mission in life. 

Lessons about having a special place and activities to nurture your unique

expression of life, intuition, stars and constellations, learning to

 love one another and Mother Earth, crystals, being powerful

 and peaceful at the same time, helping others, and 

remembering/cultivating our inner strengths.

What's A Cookie Jar 

Without Cookies?


Seemingly random questions from a simple grocery checker contain 

values of love, home, cookies, smiles, gratitude and 

appreciating life's simple things!