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The Flower of Life - Bees Celebrates Bees 

and Their Gifts to Humanity

With love, wisdom and fun, The Flower of Life - Bees brings awareness to these gifts and how VITALLY important it is to respect and care for our bees and the environment we all share.

We help children of all ages appreciate that each bee and human, each flower and creature is a vital petal on the Flower of Life that supports and sustains us all.

We do this through poetry, books, songs, programs and articles from our members and Affiliates around the world.  

Children love singing and dancing to the delightful melodies of our very own Bee Bee Jubilee Song in schools, churches, plays and their own homes (sample verses):

“Buzzy, buzzy, buzzy, we work for all the Earth,
Making wax and honey, from Montreal to Perth!
Swingin’ and a-swayin’ we pollinate the plants,
That grow the fruits and veggies that will help your bodies dance.

Busy, buzzy, beezies, it’s great to be a bee,

Working altogether, we live in harmony.
No, we will not harm you, we want your friend to be.
So join us at our party at the Bee Bee Jubilee!”

In the The Ballad of The Bees (our beautifully illustrated storybook), we poetically paint a vivid picture of a bee’s life that INSPIRES everyone, young and old.

“Whatever we believe,
We can achieve . . .

Bee-ing a Bee is the Life For Me!
Bee-ing blissful, fruitful and free!”

We invite you to BEE one of the BEEautiful petals of our community blossoming world wide to share the wondrous and miraculous gifts of bees and flowers with your children, family, friends and neighbors.

Purchasing our books, audios, products and services will help our Charitable Organization support bees around the world.

Without bees we would not have the thrill of tasting honey, bee pollen, berries, watermelon, papaya, mango, apples, cashews, avocados and so much more!

The great genius Albert Einstein knew the true value of 

the TRILLIONS of bees around the world: 

"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, 

man would have no more than four years to live."

May we all be mindful of and grateful for the circle of life 

that surrounds, nourishes and sustains us! 

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