Free QIGONG Video Sessions

The following QIGONG SESSIONS presented by Master 
Timothy Stuetz are free on our You Tube Channel so 
you can take advantage of and gift yourself 
with what has been called: 

. . . the greatest achievement in mind/body 
exercise ever created”. 




**See descriptions & viewing links below**

These practices are so simple, yet so very powerfully dynamic!

These Movements, Massages, Meditations, Stretches, and Breathing Exercises Relax & Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind & Spirit—Enhancing Personal & Professional Productivity!

With a regular practice of the ones you resonate with, all aspects of your life will be transformed.

“I skeptically tried a few of the movements on my lunch break 
when I was feeling especially dragged out, and 
I couldn’t 
believe how calm, relaxed, and completely 
renewed of energy I felt after 
10 minutes of practice!”


Refined over 1,000’s of years of use, Qigong Practices have proven to be the most efficient and effective Self Healing technologies the human race has ever produced.

With very little effort, the practices presented stimulate, circulate, and balance the Chi, the Shakti—the life force within us.

They are far more than routine exercise. 

They are a great secret to everlasting health and happiness, 

serenity and success, love and joy!

The Practices presented require very little space and no special skills, clothing, or equipment.

They can be enjoyed virtually anywhere, by anyone, regardless of age or physical abilities. They can be practiced standing or sitting. They can even be done mentally without any physical movement!

These simple, easy-to-learn practices, help create a solid foundation for healing and individual improvement, integrating our body, mind, and spirit.

They increase our breathing capacity, bolster our immune system, and foster states of deep relaxation. They stimulate the energy in our brain, spinal column, and nervous system.

Many people who practice these gentle arts report improvements in: Balance, Body Weight, Blood Pressure, Breathing, Circulation, Concentration, Coordination, Creativity, Digestion, Endurance, Energy, Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Immunity, Happiness, Nervous System, Patience, Productivity, Sleep, Strength, Tension and Much More!

With regular practice, you will experience wonders never dreamed possible regardless of your age or physical condition.

Just like a steady flow of soft water can wear away a hard rock or open up a clogged drain, a steady flow of Chi, Shakti, or Vital Energy can remove tension, tightness, and other imbalances in your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—opening your awareness to the magical beauty and wonders of life under any and all circumstances.

You will come to live in a state of eternal serenity as you efficiently and effectively perform your daily activities— watching the stresses of life slide off your being like water from a freshly waxed car.





There are five segments (enjoy them individually or together, never “overdoing”):

Massages & Joint Warm-ups

Master Yan’s Daily Set (Master Yan suggests doing these 3 times a day for the first week, 2 times a day the second week, and once a day EVERY day for the rest of your life—I have followed her advise and am ever so thankful for the results.)

18 Form Qigong Plus

Taiji Qigong

Zhan Zhuang (Jam Jong)--Standing Like A Tee (Hold each position for one minute a day for three weeks, then add another minute to each position for three weeks, and continue adding one minute to each position every three weeks until you are holding each position for five minutes—you will be astounded at the results.  Then, find the practice length that works for you on a weekly basis—it doesn’t take much!).


If you are in a wheelchair, confined to a bed, have poor balance, seated at a desk for long periods, want something to do at traffic signals or while watching television, or just want to feel better than ever, try these movements, massages, meditations, stretches and breathing exercises.  They are suitable for anyone and also make an excellent warm up for other exercises you may enjoy.

There are six segments:

Self Massages (10 minutes)

Stretches (19 minutes)

Toning (14 minutes)

Qigong (17 minutes)

Kundalini Yoga Breathing (16 minutes)

Seated T’ai Chi (39 minutes)

While the recording contains very clear, easy to follow, verbal instructions some short segments of the audio have been compromised.  You can still follow along very easily.

Vietnamese Longevity Stick 

Other Vitality Exercises

“This is my 9th week since I started my exercise program.  
I work out 5 days a week.  I have lost 16 pounds 
and am feeling better than I ever 
have in my 75 years.  
Thank you.”  


Master Mai Bac Dau’s courage and commitment to cure himself of physical paralysis caused by a severe stroke while imprisoned in Vietnam gave birth to the graceful, powerful Qigong practice of the Vietnamese Longevity Stick and many of the other beautiful, transformational movements, massages, stretches, meditations and breathing exercises presented herein.

When I had the great good fortune to learn these secrets to health and longevity from Master Dau, he was nearly 80 years of age, in perfect physical and mental health, with a perpetual smile, compassionate heart, glowing skin, and incredible stamina and flexibility. May we all quench our thirst in this eternal fountain of love!

As an avid practitioner and teacher of T’ai Chi and over a dozen other Qigong forms, various western exercises, Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki—The Usui System of Natural Healing, I find the Vietnamese Longevity Stick and other Vitality Exercises to be one of the most wonderful and fun ways we can fully develop our bodies and minds, as well as a beautiful complement to other forms of exercise and spiritual practices.




Disclaimer: The practices presented are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. In no way do we purport to claim that they have the ability to produce any physiological enhancements regarding any individual's health beyond that which is stated in the manufacturer’s or producer’s support material and packaging. None of the Company's employees are qualified or authorized to advise the use of any of these practices to treat any general or specific ailment. In any such cases, where individuals are seeking a solution or cure for any health problems, they should consult their health care practitioner. These products are only recommended to assist in increasing the body's overall ability to help itself, to shield itself and to place it in an optimum state of fitness and well being.