Your Beautiful Body is a Crystalline Instrument Whose 

  Vibration Can Be Heightened, Attuned & Harmonized

 With AmpCoil's PEMF Personalized Technologies!  

Enjoy One Hour of Blissful Vibrations!


is a customized modern wellness tool, combining a 

powerful PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) 

delivery system with an App, 

called 'BetterGuide'.  


BetterGuide utilizes voice analysis biofeedback to determine the customized tones your body is asking for, then plays these frequencies back into the body through a modified Tesla Coil, similar to a high-powered tuning fork for your body, emitting these frequencies deep into the cells. 

This process cleanses the body and supports nutrition and organ systems on a cellular level.  The human biology is thus able to quickly begin returning to the balanced and harmonized state that nature intended.


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Raise Your Vibration and You Won’t 

Be Beat or Beat Up 

By a Bug

The AmpCoil Does Not Diagnose or Treat Disease.

When parts of your body become stressed or diseased, they no longer produce the correct sound vibrations. In other words, your body and its organs are not vibrating at its optimal resonant frequency

By introducing the tones of healthy organs, minerals, nutrients, electrolytes, enzymes, flora, etc. back into your body, you can relax knowing that the rejuvenation and restoration process is underway.


Over 90% of AmpCoil Users with Lyme Disease Report

a 92-96% Reduction of Their Symptoms



Studies show effectiveness of PEMFs for:


Inflammation – recharges the cell’s surface and thus reduces pain and swelling

Nutritional Uptake – improves transport of minerals and nutrients

Microcirculation – reduces blood platelet adhesion (stickiness)

Energy Improvement – cells need fuel, oxygen and energy to operate. PEMF boosts their voltage like a battery recharger

Oxygenation – enables lung tissue to uptake oxygen more easily

Cleansing and detoxification – opens cell membranes and helps the cell to eliminate waste for better organ drainage

ATP production – through excitation of electrons, the energy of the cell is produced 


Amp Coil Therapy Designed with You in Mind


Comfortable– Sit back, lay down, relax.

Wide Range of Use– From sports injuries to headaches and toxicity to lowering stress.

For Everyone– Family members of all ages - customized for unique family member needs.

Cost Savings– Cut back on other health care spending.

Effective– Penetrates into the cells and crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Peaceful– Silent vibration with no noise and only pure silent tones.

Customized– Guides you to the tones your body is asking for to cleanse microbes, metals and toxins or tune organs.

Biofeedback Voice Analysis– Brings you education and clarity so you can move forward.

Restorative– Nutrition and organ support for rejuvenation.

Prioritizes– Tones that your body is asking for are listed in order of priority.

Noninvasive– No skin puncture or harmful radiation.

Reduce Stress– On a cellular and organ level the body relaxes.

Deep Penetration– Hollow organs are reached, which are inaccessible using many other devices.

Herxheimer Support– Programs are designed to minimize uncomfortable cleansing reactions.



 PEMF Therapy and NASA


The health of early astronauts deteriorated severely while in Outer Space.

The problem was solved by introducing the "Schumann Simulator" into all space shuttles, a magnetic pulse generator with the ability to mimic the Earth's Schumann Resonance.


PEMF devices have been used in space travel ever since the first man in space, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, returned to Earth in near critical condition after his 108-minute journey. In such a short flight, Yuri had all the oxygen he required... so what was missing? The scientists discovered it was the Earth’s natural frequencies.


Published NASA Studies on the health of astronauts proves the critical role of pulsing electromagnetic fields. Without this pulsing shield around us, we lose balance and direction and are unable to survive.

AmpCoil helps protect this delicate, but necessary, human shield. For people in today’s heavily polluted world, full of negative EMF exposures, PEMF and sound technology are increasingly playing a larger role in helping you build and maintain your natural health defense systems. 



Transcend Lyme Disease with a Cosmic Pulse

Over 90% of AmpCoil users with Lyme Disease report

a 92-96% reduction of their symptoms

PEMF for Lyme support goes intracellular, crosses blood-brain barrier and addresses co-infections.


Lyme organisms burrow deeply into cells, hidden from detection. Research has revealed that antibiotics have not always been useful for attacking these hidden forms of Lyme. By balancing the energy of the cell, the cell becomes more resistant to the hidden forms of Lyme disease and its co-infections. Because PEMFs help with reducing inflammation and pain, while improving circulation, they generally improve and support the value of other Lyme treatments by acting as a whole-body battery recharger.


Imagine the possibilities if harmful pathogens could no longer hide from beneficial hertz frequencies by burrowing into cell walls?


1 Session--$88/77 Euros

3 Sessions--$222/195 Euros

5 Sessions--$333/295 Euros

10 Sessions--$500/435 Euros

Add a Customized Sacred Essential Oil Blend--$111/100 Euros


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