Quantum Energy Healing Chamber


Have you ever thought of or experienced yourself as vibrating energy?  

You are vibrating energy, along with everything 

you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. 


Quantum physics has proven what the saints and seers have known since the beginning of time: everything in the Universe is nothing but energy vibrating at different rates.

Have you ever considered the fact that pain, sickness, stagnation 

or problems at work or in relationships, unwanted emotions, 

a possession that won’t sell, a child acting out, etc. 

are nothing but energetic blockages?  

Metatron LIght Chamberjpg

A Quantum Energy Healing Chamber Dissolves Energetic Blockages 

Allowing You to BE and Feel the Vibrant Energy of 

Life and Love YOU ARE.

In this unparalleled, profound process we co-create an energetic chamber of pure consciousness that offers a quantum cleansing effect and molecular realignment to accelerate your personal evolution on all levels of BEING.  

It Supports Profound, Rapid Healing.

Within this sacred chamber of God's Grace we'll incorporate the use of powerful pyramids and blessed essential oils; Egyptian Healing Rods; crystals; crystal bowls; sonic energy bowls; gongs; tuning forks; toning; affirmations to release blockages to the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual wholeness you want to experience; and additional modalities. 

This chamber experience enhances and compliments all other healing modalities, including traditional western medicine and complimentary alternative medical practices.

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In all my years of offering complimentary alternative medical modalities and working with Reiki, Qigong, Meditation, yoga, and more, I have not experienced anything, on the receiving or giving end, as powerful as a Quantum Energy Healing Chamber.

This Divine Empowerment is your Sacred Gift to yourself! 

The grace and blessings of these Quantum Energy Chamber Experiences increases with each successive session.  Receiving up to 4 sessions in a week will help you release, remove and resolve any areas in your life where you may be stuck (known and unknown), much like a steady flow of pure water flowing through a clogged pipe will remove the debris, leaving you in a state of higher energy, love, light, and effectiveness in every aspect of your life.  The energy of each session will continue to flow and assist you for days and even weeks.

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This advanced technique opens an inter-dimensional portal where energy and intention flow far more powerfully than in the physical dimension. The chamber itself accesses a 7th dimensional portal and thus more consciously connects you to your Authentic Soul energy.  It will help you to awaken more fully to and hold the experience of multi-dimensional frequencies and the path of enlightened living.

You can gift yourself the maximum benefits from these sessions by refraining from / limiting the use of electronic devices and consume only light, easily digestible, vegetarian foods. 

You will also pamper yourself with lots of water internally and externally in the form of showers, pools, and/or baths.

Everything you do for and on your session days should be aligned to support and facilitate an optimum harmonizing process. 

If You are Reading This, Your Soul IS Calling You

To Experience A 

Quantum Energy Healing Chamber 


1 Session--$244/215 Euros

2 Session Package--$444/400 Euros

3 Session Package--$668/585 Euros

4 Session Package--$888/777 Euros

 All Package Sessions must be completed within 14 days.

Add a Customized Sacred Essential Oil Blend--$111/100 Euros.

Please email Timothy

to schedule an appointment.


Quantum Energy Chamber Testimonials


B. R.—“Sinus condition 80% relieved. All back and chest pain gone. Saw saints like Sai Baba, Buddha, Kali, one in a meditation pose. Felt a tingling up the spine. Seemed as though in sleep state but fully aware of surroundings. Body feels “connected”. Feel “in-synch” with the environment. Body feels lighter. Seemed as if images of other times and places passed through my thoughts with no attachment.”

A. A.—“The session itself was very relaxing but it took me quite a while to stop having random intrusive thoughts. I loved the crystal bowl. That was amazing. And the background music was also great. When the session was over, I sat up and felt that my whole body was vibrating. It was an amazing physical sensation, but I also felt peaceful and joyous emotionally.”

A. A. (second day)—“The session was much easier to ‘get into’ today. I felt extremely calm, optimistic, and open throughout it. There were physical sensations of lightness and floating. My third eye seemed to pulse several times in the beginning. Towards the middle/end, I was extremely relaxed, almost in a trace-like state of being. When the session ended, I did not have the same physical feeling as the day before, but was very, very, very calm and had extreme sense of well-being and peace. I will take the sensations of being with my God-self back to my everyday life.”

D. H.—“During the sessions I was relaxed and open. Since the sessions, I have required a tremendous amount of sleep. I continue to require more sleep than usual. The state of sleep has been deep and undisturbed. My otherwise stiff back has been more flexible. I have been enjoying days of peace and quiet without psychic interference. I think that the experience is integrating into my life without my direct intervention.”

D. W.—“What was my experience during the chamber? In a single word . . . Amazing! I felt like I was being electrocuted (and I can say this because I have been jolted before with electricity) and the energy just lit me from toe nail to beyond my head. I had moments of feeling as though I was being lifted (not suspended or out of body but being lifted) off the table about 6 to 12 inches.

What do I plan on doing to integrate this experience into my life now? Everything I can to maintain that peace and calm. Nothing from the cow . . . Nothing from the can . . . Lots of distilled water . . . much more use with my wonderful Egyptian Healing Rods and eating more and more fruits and vegetables.”

M. T.—“Absolutely wonderful—very deeply connected.”

I.R.—“I felt energy filling my body, arms and legs, but primarily on my left hand side, especially my left thigh and knee. Towards the end of the session I felt something heavy on my abdomen, and a deep sense of sadness came up so that tears started to flow. There didn’t seem to be any specific feeling or event connected to it. I had been feeling contractions in my abdominal area from the beginning of the session. Afterwards I felt very peaceful and relaxed.”

I.R. (second day)—“The flow of energy felt much more balanced and peaceful. I was able to relax more. Toward the end of the session I started to feel like I was unable to breathe sufficiently and began to move, trying to open up my chest more. At the end of the session I felt peaceful and relaxed.”

J. Z.—“Chamber is a good description. I felt encapsulated with warmth and presence. This was the deepest overall experience. The relaxed state is still with me almost 24 hours after my first session. There is a whole-ness in the way I feel mentally and physically. I would definitely recommend the experience.

I truly enjoyed my sessions with Timothy, his integrity and energy. I felt deep relaxation and peacefulness during the session. My body felt encapsulated in warmth and contentment, like being in a chamber. After my session ended I felt the shift in my energy to a more expansive state. A week after the first session, I am still able to meditate and feel the new expanded state of consciousness from the session. I recommended this experience to my friends.”


Disclaimer: The practices presented are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. In no way do we purport to claim that they have the ability to produce any physiological enhancements regarding any individual's health beyond that which is stated in the manufacturer’s or producer’s support material and packaging. None of the Company's employees are qualified or authorized to advise the use of any of these practices to treat any general or specific ailment. In any such cases, where individuals are seeking a solution or cure for any health problems, they should consult their health care practitioner. These products are only recommended to assist in increasing the body's overall ability to help itself, to shield itself and to place it in an optimum state of fitness and well being.