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Rejuvenate Your Mind

Nurture and Balance Your Body

Just like the touch of raindrops nurtures Mother Earth, 

a light, raindrop massage of essential oils is 

a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating and 

relaxing experience for your 

body and mind.  

It allows them to feel safe, nurtured, and to release 

old patterns, toxins and tightness.  

As the sacred essential oils (blessed and raised to a 

 higher frequency)and accompanying musical  

vibrations penetrate deep into your skin 

and nervous system, your body feels 

renewed, your mind clear 

and your spirit soars.

Incorporating Native American wellness traditions 

(Feather Stroke Technique of the Lakota Lineage), 

the Tibetan Vita Flex Technique, Reiki, 

essential oils, loving touch and 

harmonizing music, your session 

will leave you 

"Raindrop Refreshed"

90 Minute Session--$111/100 Euros

Personalized Sacred Essential Oil Blend--add $111/100 Euros.

Please Email Marianne to set up a phone conversation and appointment.

Young Living Raindrop Smalljpg

Disclaimer: The practices and products presented are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. In no way do we purport to claim that they have the ability to produce any physiological enhancements regarding any individual's health beyond that which is stated in the manufacturer’s or producer’s support material and packaging. None of the Company's employees are qualified or authorized to advise the use of any of these practices to treat any general or specific ailment. In any such cases, where individuals are seeking a solution or cure for any health problems, they should consult their health care practitioner. These products are only recommended to assist in increasing the body's overall ability to help itself, to shield itself and to place it in an optimum state of fitness and well being.