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Individual Fairy Tales in the Fairy Tale Book.

The Ballad of The Bees Audio Book 

and Bee Bee Jubilee Songs


Your Hearts WILL Smile and Dance to Shondra Jepperson’s

Bee-Lightful “Bee Voices”

and the

Magical, Melodic “Buzzing” of Michael Kollwitz’s

Rare and Unusual Chapman Stick



Suitable for All Ages, the Audio Book and Songs are
Fun, Entertaining and Educational!  

 All the Love, Joy and Values of 

"The Ballad of The Bees"  

Brought To Life!

The Ballad of The Bees 

In Soft Cover 



Soft Cover Fully Illustrated with Vibrant Colors 

and Colorful Characters


"The Ballad of The Bees" is a beautifully illustrated book of poetic playfulness and
bright colors for children of all ages that helps them build an appreciation,
understanding and awareness of bees and their vital role
 in providing us with fruits, nuts and veggies.


There are no other books like it . . . it uniquely weaves information
about bees with ways for children and their families to
live happy, healthy and successful lives.

It is Joyfully Inspiring!


As Dr. Pravin Patel said . . .

"Honestly, it's not just a poem but kind of great inspiration for all human beings."

Bliss Beary Bear's 

Fairy Tales of the Heart 

Volume 1



"Fairy Tales of the Heart" 

122 pages, Soft Cover

Color Illustrations.

Fairy Tales Included 

(see full description by clicking on Title

Donut Soul

Beeleev'n Bear

Bliss Beary Bear

A Mommy's Love

Love One Another

Power Animal Pals

The Watermelon Tree

 The Very First Candy Cane

Miracles ARE Everywhere!

The ABC's of Blissful Living

 The Wit, Whimsey and Wisdom of Poet Bear

I'll Huff, I'll Puff, I'll Gasp, I'll Choke and I'll . . . .

Bliss Beary Bear's BIRTHDAY SURPRISE Just For You!


The Ballad of The Bees (not fully illustrated).

Power Animal Frolics DVD

Yoga / T'ai Chi / Qigong For Children


Developing Children's Bodies, Minds, Hearts & Talents
Through Fun, Healthy, Entertaining Play!



This IS the Best Yoga / Qigong / T'ai Chi Program
for Children Available! 


A Creative Synthesis of the World's Most Popular Exercises . . .

Featuring Six of the Famous Mayo Clinic's TOP 10
Complimentary Medical Treatments:

T'ai Chi
Guided Imagery
Music Therapy


Suitable For All Children Ages 2-3 and Up,
Including Children with Physical
and/or Mental Challenges.


Adults Love it TOO!

More Proven Benefits Than
Any Other Exercise!

Introductory Sections for Parents, Caregivers,
Educators & Health Professionals.

Your Children, Your Entire Family Will Love and Benefit From
Twisting, Bending, Moving and Being Still With . . .

Yoga Deer
Eagle Heart
T'ai Chi Tiger
Chi Chi Chimp
Bliss Beary Bear
Flame—The Fear Eating Dragon
Thunderilla—The Chi Gong Gorilla 




"The Magical Miracle of You"

Self Empowerment Program


Helps You Unfold Your Children’s Full Potential.
(Body, Mind, Heart & Soul)


Through a Combination of Fun Stories, Games, Exercises, Music and
Activities Proven Over Hundreds of Centuries to Enhance Life!  

It Includes . . . 

 A 196 Page Magical Miracle of You Empowerment Program

 “Bliss Beary Bear’s Fairy Tales of the Heart—Vol 1"
 5 Additional “Fairy Tales Of The Heart”
  “Power Animal Frolics” Yoga DVD
 10 MP3 Recordings
 And More! 

Here's One of the Exercises Included 



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