Reboot Your Life ReTREAT

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Are you feeling like it's time to transform your experience of life?

Are you feeling you'd like to achieve a higher level of consistent peace and energy from which to live and serve your family, friends or clients?


Are you feeling overwhelmed with life’s challenges?

Perhaps they are physical challenges.

Perhaps mental—thoughts that won’t leave you alone—never-ending loops of concerns over family, friends, finances, situations in the world, etc.

Thoughts that trigger EMOTIONS!  Emotions that can trigger acting out or reacting—hurting others or your self—instead of responding with awareness and love.

NOISES of everyday living are a constant challenge that take a drastic toll on your nervous system without even knowing it.

Sometimes you even CHOOSE to immerse yourself in noises and other damaging choices to drown out the inner chatter or to not FEEL at ALL!

Maybe you're facing challenges you never imagined you'd have to face at a time of your life that was meant for enjoyment.

Relationship challenges . . . divorces, sudden break ups, suicides.

Invisible electromagnetic waves from WiFi, Household Appliances, Cell Phones and Towers, Televisions, Computers, EarPieces, etc. are constantly bombarding you! Slowly but surely draining your ENERGY!

ALL of these and MORE cause you to make decisions that may not be in your best interest.  

NOW . . . . It’s TIME to STOP!



It’s TIME to REASSESS your LIFE from a space of INNER PEACE and POWER.


To IMMERSE your self in an environment that allows you to FIND YOU—the happy, joyful, blissful, intelligent, EMPOWERED YOU!

To RECEIVE and ENJOY simple, practical, easy-to-use TREATments and methods to stay calm and centered amidst all challenges.

AND to EMERGE TOTALLY REBOOTED with simple strategies YOU can use in YOUR DAILY LIFE to help your family, friends, business, relationships!

Strategies and Empowerments that will keep YOU ESTABLISHED in a place of INNER PEACE and POWER from which you can make insightful, inspired, informed decisions.


Regardless of your experience practicing and/or teaching yoga, meditation, qigong, t'ai chi, various energy modalities, etc., this ReTREAT will Reboot Your Life, raising you to a new level of energy you will be able to sustain!

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Are you ready to RECEIVE?


If so, please join us for a 14 Day TOTAL LIFE REBOOT at our CHRYSALIS RETREAT OASIS in Spain.

Nestled in a womb of mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, an hour from Granada, this sacred land is so peaceful and pure—the perfect place to REBOOT.

Regardless of what’s happening in your LIFE, YOU can EXPAND into the LOVE, LIGHT, and BLISS you are AND HOLD IT!


Begins: MARCH 9, 2019 (please arrive at Retreat Location by 4 p.m.).

Ends: MARCH 24, 2019 (please schedule flights 4 p.m. or after).

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REVITALIZE YOUR Heart, Body, Mind, Soul and LIFE with PROVEN Ancient Arts, Sacred Sciences and Modern Healing Technologies (no previous experience necessary).

  •     Qigong and T’ai Chi     
  •     Yoga and Meditation
  •     Essential Oils and Massage
  •     Reiki and Crystal TREATments
  •     SoulHarmonic Sound Healing
  •     Dance and Laughter
  •     Breathing, Singing and Chanting
  •     Easy Hiking and Beach Time
  •     John Of God Crystal Light Bed
  •     Amp Coil PEMF Treatments
  •     Conscious Communication
  •     Delicious Food (All Meals Included)
  •     New YOU Celebration
  •     Three Monthly Skype Follow Up Sessions

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This is a rare opportunity to be in a small, intimate group setting with a Master empowered by his Masters and Teachers to hold the space and create the environment in which you can truly LEAVE THE OLD BEHIND and START AN AMAZING NEW LIFE.

A life of living and loving from a whole new perspective and daily experience of your Soul Self.

Timothy is a Master of Meditation, Qigong, T’ai Chi, Yoga, Reiki and other Quantum Healing Modalities and an author of over 60 books with over 35 years of experience in helping thousands of people transform their lives.  He enjoys living in an experience of love and light and wants to help you do the same!

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For over 15 years Marianne has put her love and energy into creating a beautiful, sacred space where others can RELAX, ENJOY, and REJUVENATE!

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If you are READY, you CAN TRANSFORM your LIFE EXPERIENCE by being in this OASIS with us!

There are only 10 spaces available so you receive the PERSONAL CARE AND ATTENTION that will allow you to REBOOT Your Life!

Accommodation Options and Total Package Price:
1.  Private Room and Bath, Shared Bed, Couples: $4444 US / 3899 Euro TOTAL for Two.
2.  Private Room and Bath Singles: $2888 US / 2539 Euro
3.  Private Room, Shared Bath: $2444 US / 2149 Euro
4.  Shared Room (1 other person), Shared Bath: $2222 US / 1949 Euro

10% Discount for payment in full by January 23, 2019.

$1000 US / 1000 Euro Non Refundable Reservation (each person) to guarantee your RETREAT participation . Balance due by February 9, 2019. In the event of an emergency, all paid funds can be applied to a future RETREAT!

Retreat Exchange Prices do not include Transportation to Chrysalis Retreat Center (Malaga is the closest International Airport—1 hour and 20 minutes from Retreat Site.  Granada has a smaller airport and is just under 1 hour from site).  There are very comfortable Busses from Airports to Almunecar where we can arrange your pick up if you are not renting a car.  If you'd like to be picked up at Malaga or Granada Airports we can help you arrange that (approximately 150 Euros round trip).

If you are ready for an INNER and OUTER ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME, please get in touch and we will set up a phone call to discuss other details.

Please pass this on to your network of friends and family!

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Blessings of Love, Health and Bliss!  

We look forward to welcoming and serving YOU!

Timothy & Marianne