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Are You Ready to Conceive . . . 

Ready to Consciously Create a Child?

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Are You Having Challenges Conceiving?

Are You Pregnant . . . 

Feeling and Nurturing the Life Growing Within?

Is Your Child Already Born . . . 

Your Early Parenting Stage Underway?

Regardless of which stage you, as parents, are in, we can help 

you overcome whatever unique challenges, unknowns, 

and uncertainties are present for you.

One couple, trying to conceive for years, did so within two weeks of being with us and following some simple suggestions.

Regardless of which stage you are in, we can help you 

give your child the best START possible so they and 

you can fulfill your full human potential 

and divine plan.

We know how to create the fertile soil in which healthy kids and happy families can seed, sprout and grow in expanding wonder.

We create and embody a sacred space for you, a cocoon of love and wisdom, where you can experience yourselves as vibrations of love, in higher frequencies than ever before, and harmonize your sacred family relationship together in ways that will give your child the greatest, most loving, most informed start to life possible!


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It's every child’s birthright to be born into this world with a sense of welcome and belonging, to get the healthiest physical start possible, and to be loved, cherished, and nourished as a precious being.

This Birthright Starts Long Before Their Birth!


The thoughts, feelings, mental state and intention you, as parents, experience in the weeks, days and moments prior to your child’s conception, as well as the moment of their conception, are forever imprinted on their being.

The Mayans knew how important our conception was . . . they use that date, as well as our birth date, in their astrological readings.

We can give you the information and energetic attunements to conceive 

a child in love, as love, for love and with love.

Then, from this moment of conception to the moment your child is born, your thoughts, feelings, mental state, physical health, and tone of your voices, as well as everything you (especially the mother) ingest, smell, hear, and do are also forever imprinted on and within your child.

We can provide you with the information and energetic attunements 

necessary to insure that this stage of your child’s development 

is maximized and any of your discomforts minimized.

Your child’s birthing experience, including the environment, your feelings, the feelings of the attending doctors and nurses, the manner of birth, the initial bonding time and manner of separation, and so much more, is then forever imprinted on their precious being.

Together we can create a birthing experience that will let 

your precious child know it is embraced 

in the arms of love and safety.

Then we can give you the tools and knowledge you need to insure that the experiences forever imprinted on your child during the moments, days, weeks, months and first four years following their birth launch them into a loving and successful life.

Your child’s pre conception, conception, womb, birth and post birth time literally set the stage for the rest of their life--their biological, psychological, and emotional make-up, as well as how they will respond to relationships and life in general.

Regardless of where you, as parents, are in the timeline of 

your child’s life, we can help you give them the greatest, 

most loving, most informed start to life possible!

This may include helping you lovingly clear any residual traumas from your birth and subsequent life experiences that are keeping you from more fully experiencing your life on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

We help you create a new story as individuals and as a family, 


for Your Precious, Unique CHILD!

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In the Bond of Power, international child development expert Joseph Chilton Pearce, said . . . "No capacity can unfold without an appropriate model and proper   nurturing . . . A child could imitate, or construct a model of his universe, around any model, and respond accordingly to his construction.   

He does model what he is given, and so does as we do.  He is blocked not because of some innate lack, but from an outer lack of models and nurturing . . . 

We do not model our lives according to theories or abstract functions, but according to live, visible, tangible models.  We do not bond to universal processes but to persons.  The power of the bond can come into our life only through the powers of the bonded person.”

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You ARE the Golden God and Goddess your child will bond to 

and model in order to be blessed with a healthy, 

ecstatic connection to life; a sense of safety, 

love and care; and a strong foundation 

as they grow through life.

Paramahansa Yogananda, a great Indian Yogi and Guru, who introduced millions of Americans to meditation and healthier ways of being in relationship with one another, said: “Parents and children should understand that their relationship is not fortuitous, but is due to a divine plan. Family life is the laboratory in which human love can be transformed into God's perfect love. 

Parents should look upon their child as the honored temple where their conjugal love can be purified and expanded into filial love. They should feel that they are serving God in that little temple. Children, in turn, should look upon their parents as visible representatives of God on earth.”

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Another great being said, 

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children

you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”


Acknowledging and participating in your children’s wonder, innocence, purity and love opens the door to the kingdom for you.  The Kingdom right here on Earth.


We can create a program tailored to your unique needs that 

will allow your Family to live an enlightened, 

blessed life of grace and wonder.


Just like nature and grace miraculously and naturally transform the union of egg and sperm into a wondrous human being, our time together in a safe, loving environment, permeated with God’s Grace, will miraculously transform your experience of parenting.


Ways we can cocreate just what you need include private coaching and/or a private 3 or 7 day retreat . . . tailored to your specific stage of parenthood . . . you can see a general framework at our Transformational Rejuvenation Retreat Page.

Imagine gifting yourself a 7 day retreat where you focus 

on the intimacy and love of your relationship with 

the intent of creating a conscious being of love

out of your pure love.


We look forward to meeting and serving you.


Please contact to schedule an appointment where together we can see how we might assist you and your precious child.



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 Healthy Kids 

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