"The Magical Miracle of You"

Self Empowerment Program


Helps You Unfold Your Children’s Full Potential.
(Body, Mind, Heart & Soul)


Through a Combination of Fun Stories, Games, Exercises, Music and
Activities Proven Over Hundreds of Centuries to Enhance Life!  

It Includes . . . 

 A 196 Page Magical Miracle of You Empowerment Program*
 Bliss Beary Bear’s Fairy Tales of the Heart—Vol 1*
 5 Additional “Fairy Tales Of The Heart”* 
  “Power Animal Frolics” Yoga DVD*
 10 MP3 Recordings*
 And More! 


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“The child must know that he is a miracle, that since
the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and
until the end of the world there will not be,
another child like him.”

Pablo Casals, One of the Great Cellists of All Time



“The Magical Miracle of You”

Is Designed to Unlock the Unique, Angelic Gifts and
Treasures Inherent Within Your Children
In Each and Every Moment of ,
Their Lives, As They:


 Play Sports
Daydream About Their Future
 Study Music, Art, or For School
 Interact With Family, Friends, and Teachers
 Learn From A Mistake or Taking On A New Challenge
 Have to Determine When a Situation Feels Off or Threatening
 Draw an Expressive Painting or Executing a New Dance Routine
Stand Strong & True to Themselves When Facing Peer Pressures



The Simple, Yet Profound Methods, Your Family Will Use In
This 9-Lesson Adventure to Chip Away The Old Marble
Hiding the Wonders of YOU are Endorsed by 
Child / Human 
Development Experts 
and Advocates Like:


Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Authors of Everyday Blessings:
The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting




Rudolf Steiner

Founder of Waldorf Schools


Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Founder of Center for Non-Violent Communication


Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tim Galloway

Author of The Inner Game of Tennis


Albert Einstein

“If you want your children to be brilliant,
tell them Fairy Tales.

If you want them to be very brilliant,
tell them even more Fairy Tales.”



The “Fairy Tales of The Heart™” Included In
"The Magical Miracle Of You”
Will Help Your Children:

Develop Their Minds
Enhance Their Creativity
Expand Their Infinite Imaginations
Bolster Their Self Esteem and Self Worth
Learn About Values and Resolving Conflicts
Discover Their Own Unique Ways of
Being Brilliant!



Joseph Chilton Pearce
Internationally Renowned Child/Human Development Expert and
Author of Magical Parent, Magical Child Tells Us:


“Once toddlers hear those magical words, ‘Once upon a time,’ their wide-open eyes,
riveted on the storyteller, see nothing without—their seeing is entirely within
For within, the creative process of the child’s brain forms pictures,
images that give reality, substance, and life
to the vibratory stimulus
of the words.

This ‘learned ability to create internal images’
is one of nature’s highest achievements.

The more imagination a child has, the more options
he or she has for solving problems and . . .”



“Fairy Tales Of The Heart” Weave Fantasy, Reality, Myth and Mystery
Into an Educational, Entertaining, 
Inspirational and Heart Warming
For Children of All Ages to Help Them
Realize Their Brilliance 
In All Ways!




“The Magical Miracle Of You” Includes the
Power Animal Frolics™ DVD,
A Magical, Disney-Quality Synthesis of Yoga, Qigong and
 T’ai Chi 
Designed By a Leading Expert
Specifically for Children.



Your Children and Even You Will Love Playing Along
With These Colorful Power Animal Pals:

Yoga Deer
Eagle Heart
T’ai Chi Tiger
Chi Chi Chimp
Bliss Beary Bear
Flame-The Fear Eating Dragon
Thunderilla-The Chi Gong Gorilla 


The Exercises In Power Animal Frolics are Endorsed by Ken Cohen and 
Other International Qigong Experts, 
Along with Prominent Physicians
Around the World, Including Dr. Memet Oz. 


Dr. Oz Tells Us . . .

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong”
“Yoga is the most important exercise of my daily routine.”


On an ABC News Show, Dr. Oz Shared and Demonstrated
How Millions Of People in China Use T’ai Chi



Albert Einstein also said,

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.

I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.
I see my life in terms of music.”



Miracle Music for “The Magical Miracle Of You!”
Is Provided by the Einstein of Music,
Robert Aviles.


Your Children Will Be Listening and Moving In Rhythm to
Miraculous Music Clinically Shown to Enhance Physical,
Mental a
nd Emotional Health by . . .

 Reducing Stress
 Increasing Energy to the Brain
 Increasing Balance and Strength
 Allowing Blood to Flow More Freely
 Balancing the Left and Right Sides of the Brain
 Enhancing Agility, Coordination, and Flexibility   


School teachers in America and Japan are Using Robert’s
Miracle Music in Their Classrooms to Improve
Scholastic Performance, Attention Span,
Behavior and Creativity.

 This Unparalleled Program Includes a CD of 

10 Fun, Inspiring Self Empowerment 

Exercises & Activities


Magical Miracle CD Baby Coverjpg

You Can Use “The Magical Miracle of You” as a Bedtime, Playtime,
Preschool, Elementary School, Home
Sunday / Spiritual School


Other Activity to Provide Your Children with the
Building Blocks to a Successful Future.




Research Shows That Creative Children Can More Easily
Meet Life’s Challenges and Build the Skills
Needed to Experience Happy,
Productive Lives!


The Unique Combination of Life-Enhancing Miracle Music,
Power Animal Frolics and Fairy Tales Of The Heart
along with the Treasure Chest of Recordings, Games,
Activities, Etc. in “The Magical Miracle Of You!” 
Will Provide Many Tangible and Intangible
Benefits to Your Children
Their Entire Life!



“Every child is born a genius.”

Buckminster Fuller


“The Magical Miracle of You” Shows Your Children and
You How to Be Still and Listen to Your Own Inner
Guidance, So You Will ALWAYS BE in the
Perfect Place, At the Perfect Time,
Making the Perfect Decision.



“The Magical Miracle Of You” Benefits
Children of All Ages–
From 0 to 100!



As that Great Sage, Dennis the Menace, said:

“The best thing you can do
is to get very good at
being you!”


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“The Magical Miracle of You!”

Table of Contents




Introduction:  Stressors Children Face

“Magical Miracle of You” Benefits
“Fairy Tales Of The Heart” Benefits
“Power Animal Frolics” & Miracle Music Benefits


Lesson One Contents:  Unconditional Love

Donut Soul” Fairy Tale
“Eagle Heart” Power Animal Frolic
Rays of Unconditional Love
Flame of Love–Beaming Unconditional Love to Self and Others*
Relaxation and Breathing Exercise*

Lesson Two Contents:  Forgivenness

“Bliss Beary Bear” Power Animal Frolic
Breath of Soul–Empowering Wishes, Dreams and Goals*

Tree Shaking Exercise*
“Monsters Beware-The Power Animals are Here” Fairy Tale


Lesson Three Contents:  Peace, Love and Bliss

“Chi Chi Chimp” Power Animal Frolic
Drawings and Affirmations of Peace, Love and Bliss
Hands to Heart Breathing*
“What’s a Cookie Jar Without Cookies?” Fairy Tale


Lesson Four Contents:  Empowerment

“Yoga Deer” Power Animal Frolic
Empowering Children Through Choices
Spinning Earth Exercise*
The Power of Laughter
“The Mysterious, Magical Button” Fairy Tale


Lesson Five Contents:  Reverence for All

“T’ai Chi Tiger” Power Animal Frolic
Radiant Star Exercise*
Angel Wings of Light Exercise*
Appreciating Uniqueness
“Pop Goes The Bubble” Fairy Tale


Lesson Six Contents:  Inner Treasures

“Flame-The Fear Eating Dragon” Power Animal Frolic
Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Creating a SAFE Place*
“ABC’s of Blissful Living” Fairy Tale


Lesson Seven Contents:  The Power of Smiling

“Chi Gong Gorilla” Power Animal Frolic
Creating a Smiling Body*
“The Cave of Silence” Fairy Tale


Lesson Eight Contents: Soul Nourishment

“Power Animals Playing” Power Animal Frolics
“The Bag Lady” Fairy Tale
Daily Adventures

Gardening/Being in Nature
Crafts & Sports
Rest Time
“I’ll Huff. . . I’ll Puff . . .” Fairy Tale


Lesson Nine Contents: Vision Quest

Power Animal Frolics “Random Choice”
Appreciating Your Accomplishments
“Angels of Love” Fairy Tale
Admire What You’ve Learned!
Merkabah Star Ship Exercise
“Vision Quest” Fairy Tale



References to Other Experts In The Education of Children
Inspirational Quotes for You and Your Children


* MP3 Included




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