A Gold Savings Program For







Kings, Queens, Mayan and Incan Rulers and
Egyptian Pharaohs Adored GOLD!

They utilized its magical powers to increase
their strength and power.  
So CAN You!






 Gold is Perhaps the Most Powerful of

All Alchemical Substances! 


After reading this short introduction and visiting our Karatbars Website, I
welcome the opportunity to show you exactly how to move forward in
growing, securing and protecting your assets with Karatbars GOLD,
regardless of your current financial situation
(even if you have no funds
to currently allocate)!




Here are some of the ADVANTAGES Karatbars Offers that I see
 as a Retired CPA!  I invite you to learn more at . . .

Educating Yourself About What's Happening
Financially in our World and How
Karatbars May Benefit YOU!




  • Karatbars is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY allowing everyone to purchase small, affordable increments of gold, help their friends and family do the same, with everyone being able to create financial freedom and a lifelong residual income.


  • You can use it to educate your children about saving.





  • Children love receiving things in the mail . . . and opening a package with gold is very exciting and rewarding.




  • Makes a long lasting, beautiful gift for anyone.




  • Business Owners can use to reward employees, advertise, and brand their product or service.




  • You can establish your own Karatbars home-based business and earn a residual income for life while helping other people protect and grow their wealth by simply saving some portion of their assets as gold. Commissions flow upward to you from infinite levels of Karatbar participants that you and your friends and family introduce to this amazing way to invest in and share GOLD.




  • You own gold in small denominations that can be used for investment purposes (hold as long as you wish and easily sell when you wish), purchase goods and services from companies that currently accept Karatbars through KYC Exchange, and/or use should currencies collapse and funds in banks, etc. be confiscated by governments (which is happening now in other countries and can happen in America--also look at how many people like you and me lost their shirts in our government's restructuring of the automotive and banking industries—people like you and me are not a priority). NOTE: There is no such thing as FDIC Insurance anymore—relatively new laws allow banks to confiscate your funds regardless of how much or how little you have in your account.


  • Karatbars provides a measure of protection in these very unstable financial times . . . impending interest rate increases, institutions paying negative interest (IE you are paying them to hold YOUR MONEY), bubbles (whether they be stock market, auto, real estate, etc) bursting again, collapsing currencies (the dollar and ALL other currencies can be exchanged for lesser and lesser amounts of the same goods and services as each day passes), and the move away from the dollar as an international currency (we enjoy substantial savings as a result of the dollar being the premier international exchange currency—something that will not last much longer and then people in the United States will be paying 10-20% more for items they cannot already afford. 




  • Karatbars is a stable international, regulated company, founded in Germany that owns their own certified Gold refinery and there are NO HIDDEN FEES